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Proposed Staff cuts at Dorset and Wilts.

Proposed Staff cuts at Dorset and Wilts.

Below is a copy of an open letter sent to the RFU on behalf of Dorset and Wilts RFU.  We publish this here because the proposed cuts will have a significant impact upon rugby in the two counties and members, supporters and friends of Minety RFC in particular, and rugby in the South West of England, deserve to be fully informed of what is being proposed and what the implications of those proposals may be.


Please note that a copy of this open letter will be posted on our website and social media feeds in order to keep our rugby community informed.

For the attention of

Mr. Stephen Brown – RFU Chief Executive Officer Mr. Andrew Cosslett – RFU Chair

Mr. Stephen Grainger – RFU Rugby Development Director Mr. Rob Briers – RFU Community Game Board Chair

Ms. Lucinda Pullinger – RFU Human Resources Director


Dear Sirs/Madan

We are writing to express our grave fears relating to proposed staffing restructuring programme currently underway for all RFU staff, especially those within rugby development. We feel that this review should also include local representation, because the RFU is controlled by the clubs and not the other way around.

Currently we have two Rugby Development Officers (RDO’s) and four Community Rugby Coaches (CRC’s), one RDO and two CRC’s in each county; covering a total area of 2,370 square miles. Which makes Dorset & Wilts RFU the second largest CB not only within Area One but also within Areas Two and Three. To put that in perspective England’s largest county is Yorkshire which measures a total of 6066 square miles and is sub-divided by the RFU into five regions. Therefore, Dorset and Wilts in comparison is 40% of the size of Yorkshire.


Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
County Area Sq/mls
Devon 2590
Dorset & Wilts 2370
Somerset 1610
Hampshire & IOW 1602
Essex 1542
Sussex 1461
Kent 1442
Cornwall 1376
Gloucestershire & Bristol 1258
Oxford 1006
Herefordshire 833
Bucks 723
Surrey 642
Berks 487
Middlesex 285
Total area 9204 4936 5087


Our unique geographical and road infrastructure is a major factor which impose daily constraints on travel across our two counties. On average front line staff are travelling for up to 3-4 hours per day and on some days, this could be as high 6 to 7 hours to carry out their duties with our member clubs. Much, of this travelling being done during the late evenings because club or CB committee members/coaches are not available during the day, thereby, increasing the risk of a traffic incidents involving the RFU front line staff.


To travel from our most northern club (Cricklade) to our most southern club (Bridport) is 117 miles. The fastest route is via the M4 Swindon to Bristol and then by the M5 to Taunton and onwards across country, with a total travel time of 2hrs 24mins without any delays. To travel from our most western club (Bridport) to our most eastern club (Amesbury) is 64 miles. The fastest route is via “A” classified roads (Dorchester

  • Blandford – Salisbury), with a total travel time of 1hr 32mins without any


However, our limited number of north-south roads within the two counties are often congested by normal traffic. Holiday and weekend traffic exacerbate this congestion further creating routing delays especially around the A303/A350 area in Wiltshire and towards the main coastal locations in Dorset where many of our clubs are situated. For example, a journey from Bournemouth to Dorchester is a distance of 28 miles; and should take 48 minutes but can routinely take up to 2 hours with the additional holiday and weekend traffic.


Our front-line staff make a major contribution to rugby in our counties, focussing on retention and recruitment programs and the organisation and financial health of our clubs. Their work with clubs who are “at risk” is key to sustaining the game in our more remote areas. You will know from GMS that our RFU front line staff currently have a workload of 39 clubs (38 voting and 1 pending), and 3 Universities.


We currently have 16 Woman’s and Girls (W&G) teams established and 2 further teams are expected to emerge in the coming year. W&G team growth is one of D&W RFUs strategic priorities and both the RDOs and CRCs are instrumental to realising this potential.


With the current RFU staffing levels the travel burden is manageable. However, the impact of any reduction in staff would be exacerbated by the journey time constraints for the remaining staff; resulting in a substantial reduction in club visits and any development activity.


In conclusion, we foresee the following impacts arising from staff reductions and other efficiency changes:


  1. Reduced morale amongst front-line RFU staff; regrettably, it appears to us that the RFU front-line staff throughout the whole country are already very dejected by the conduct of the current review and the lack of uncertainty about their
  2. A drop in the overall number of people playing rugby in all forms of the game, once these cost cuts are implemented due the lack of support
  3. The overall standard of rugby being played at grass roots level will
  4. The Twickenham management team will become more distant and disconnected from grass roots rugby.
  5. A negative impact on the Targeted Delivery
  6. A decrease in the performance of the remaining front-line
  7. An increase in front line staff
  8. More anti-social working hours for the remaining front-line
  9. An increase in front-line staff illness due to the extra work load (i.e. stress, mental health issues like depression etc).
  10. There will be an increase in costs to manage the game due longer travelling times, replacement vehicles and possible of overnight stops
  11. There will be an increase in-house meeting’s, resulting less time being spent on the
  12. A greater lack of support from the top clubs within the
  13. There will be a sharp decline in players progressing to top flight rugby from the grass root
  14. Smaller clubs will not get the level of support they currently receive and
  15. More clubs will be put at risk, with some of the smaller clubs Which will result in the reduction of numbers playing the game.
  16. The larger clubs will take all the support available from the front-line staff, leaving little to none for smaller or at-risk clubs.
  17. Clubs that are close to the staff’s home location will receive the majority of
  18. Less funding applications due to unavailable staff, if not a total withdraw of funding in its current format.
  19. Less Club Accreditation being processed due to unavailable
  20. Higher level of support will be needed from the CB’s without an increase in funding
  21. Less volunteers at both club and CB level due to the increased work load, or illness caused by the increased work
  22. Less opportunities for training courses, both on and off the
  23. An increase in player injuries due to a lower standard of coaching
  24. An increase in insurance claims due to more major injuries, which will result an increase in insurance premiums to the
  25. More outsourcing of resources, resulting in higher
  26. Possible moves to combine CB’s (i.e. like Devon and Cornwall – Somerset and Dorset & Wilts) to reduce funding costs (PFR) and the level of front-line staff needed ever
  27. Increase in international ticket costs to clubs, which will result in lower numbers of genuine supporters attending international games to meet the growing cost of managing the


Yours Faithfully


Stuart Murrow

President – Dorset and Wilts RFU


George McElroy

Management Board Chair – Dorset and Wilts RFU


Cc Gerald Burden – Dorset & Wilts RFU General Secretary Dorset &Wilts RFU Webmaster

All members of the Dorset &Wilts RFU Management Board Ron Jones – Dorset & Wilts RFU Council member

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August 14th, 2018 at 11:00 am

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The two Andy’s: pitch perfect!

Duncan Simpson with winners Andy Grayson and Andy Ward

Twenty two Minety players replaced the studs for spikes and the graced Oaksey Golf course to battle it out in our Annual golf day. The sun shone on a dry course, as Minety players, past and present, challenged the popular concept of playing on your own fairway in favour of ‘zig zag’ attack move, which might be used more profitably during the forthcoming rugby campaign.

In the end, it was a hot contest with the partnership of coach Andy Grayson and club president Andy Ward winning the trophy with an impressive 54 net score. Credit to Andrew O’Dell and Ash Windle who equalled this score but were unfortunately ranked second with the two Andy’s having a slightly better back 9.
Last year’s champions discussed their failure to retain the title; “I [expletive] hate golf” from Club Captain Tom Claxton and “FOUR!” from partner Duncan Simpson.
Closest the Pin competition was taken by Simpson, just 2.5m away, besting Scott Glew’s “20ft, but off the Green” by a hair. The Longest Drive contest was won by Andy Edwards, rounding off the celebration of his recent 50th Birthday. A special mention for junior Jack Glew, who was only narrowly bested by Edwards.

The prestigious Minety RFC Golf Trophy

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August 12th, 2018 at 2:22 pm

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New 2nd Team Captain

The club was sorry to hear of the playing retirement of Gareth Thomas as a result of a recurring injury but are delighted to be able to confirm that new club recruit Steve Wilson has agreed to take on one of the most important jobs in the club, that of 2nd XV captain.

We wish Steve all the best in the job and feel sure that everyone associated with the club will rally round to provide support.

In other news, Duncan Simpson writes, “Golf day is this coming Saturday (11th). 9:30am meet for a 10am tee off as Oaksey Golf Club. Everyone that can kind of swing a club is welcome, more the merrier. Try and let me know before hand, otherwise just happy to have whoever can make it rock up! Will be a good laugh and a few beers!”  There will be prizes for the winners plus extra rewards for the longest drive, nearest to the pin etc.

Pre Season training continues on Tuesday evenings.

A pre season friendly has been arranged against Cricklade away on Saturday 1st September.  It has been agreed that this will be a combined 1st and 2nd team event, so a good chance to get everyone together.

On the social front, we hope to arrange an event on the 15th September after the first home fixtures of the season.  Obviously, pitch conditions will need to be monitored carefully, but we will bring you more information as soon as we get it.

Some sort of gathering is aslo on the cards after the Cricklade fixture on the 1st September – watch this space.

Oktoberfest at Minety RFC on 6th October after the games against Sutton Benger (1st XV) and Melksham (2nd XV).  This will be a fancy dress, European themed event.  Entrance fee and exact details to follow, but one for the diary!

A “Bus Trip” is being planned for the 11th November.  This follows a blank in our fixture list, although Cup matches have yet to be confirmed.

“Ladies’ Night” is set for 8th December and will double up as our Christmas Party.  The “Three Crowns” at Brinkworth is a possibility.



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August 7th, 2018 at 10:19 am

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End of “Touch Rugby” for the summer

Due to availability we are no longer able to run touch rugby. Was a great summer with some great rugby…and some not so great! I’ll get a little write up to the website soon. Thanks again to everyone that joined in and amazing to see some new faces that have stuck around for preseason! Massive thanks to those that took the whistle for a bit so everyone can enjoy playing, couldn’t have run it without you. And a special mention to Colin French for winning Player of the Summer!

Duncan Simpson


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August 3rd, 2018 at 12:41 pm

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Pre Season training

Preseason training continues Tuesday night, 7pm at Minety playing fields.

Newcomers are welcome to join us as we get ready for the coming season.

Wondering what you need to get involved? A t-shirt, shorts and a pair of boots is all you need to get started, and with the weather having been so nice and the ground being hard if you don’t have any boots you can wear trainers this week until you can get some boots for next week’s session.

If you have any questions then please get hold of us here, or contact our head coach Andy Grayson, first team captain Tom Claxton or second team captain Gareth Thomas.

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July 16th, 2018 at 11:04 am

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The 2018/9 RFU Training Course Booklet

The new 2018/9 RFU Training Course Booklet has been published and is available as a pdf download from this site.  The 16 page booklet includes lists of courses, information about player welfare, Coaching and Match Officiating.

If you wish to download the file please click on the image to start the download.






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July 16th, 2018 at 10:46 am

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In the most unusual settings (2)

A couple of weeks ago we launched a new feature entitled “In the most unsual settings”.  Minety players do appear in the most unsual of settings away from the rugby pitch.

In our first feature we highlighted flanker Rob Hinwood’s appearance in a recent epsiode of Poldark.

But we can do better!  No longer are we limited to the “small screen”; let’s go for all out Hollywood blockbuster.

In the picture above, taken from the official trailer for “Mary Queen of Scots” (out in cinemas, including Movies@Malmesbury soon) Miss Margot Robbie appears on the left under heavy makeup as Elizabeth 1st while the chap on the right, bowing his head, seems vaguely familiar!

Yes, step forward our 1st XV winger Dave Cooke.

But it doesn’t end there.  Watch out for further appearances of Minety players in, amongst others, more episodes of Poldark, on the big screen in “The Festival” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” and, in the new year, in “Hell Boy 3”.


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July 15th, 2018 at 6:00 am

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Rugby Coaching Courses

Frank Butler from the RFU has contacted Minety RFC.

Dear All, please find attached the first list of courses available in Wiltshire this coming season and if you don’t see one you want for your club coaches please just ask.

Dorset & Wilts 2018 / 2019England Rugby Coaching Courses & Continuous Personal Development (CPD) Courses

At Chippenham RFC:-

Wednesday 5th September “Rugby Ready”

Wednesday 12th September “Kids First Refereeing Children”

Wednesday 19th September “Quilter CPD – Kids First U8 Tag”

Wednesday 26th September “CPD Kids First U10 Rugby”

Thursday 4th October “Quilter CPD – Kids First U12”

Wednesday 10 October “CPD Principles of Attack”

At Colerne RFC:-

Friday 7th September “Kids First Refereeing Children”

At Marlborough RFC:-

Thursday 30th August “Quilter CPD – Kids First U8 Tag”

At Marlborough College:-

Sunday 7th & Sunday 21st October & Sunday 4th November (Three Day Course) “England Rugby Coaching Award”

(This is now the entry level course for all coaches from U9 – Senior with differentiation during course)

At Melksham RFC:-

Sunday 23rd September “Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union

At Salisbury RFC:-

Sunday 9th September “Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union”

Follow Link to book online:- http://www.englandrugby.com/my-rugby/courses/search/#/search

Login Details:- https://youtu.be/BjA6gytFqow

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July 14th, 2018 at 6:00 am

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Minety Junior Rugby

Dear parents of the MagnificenMinety Minions,
Following the very sad  events of a couple of nights ago involving a misshapen-ball in a match in Russia, thoughts turn to another sport where future glory awaits….    Reminder: the junior rugby season begins on Sunday 2ndSeptember at 1000 at Minety RFC!
Please see attached a flyer to help YOU in our recruitment drive please with local schools and teachers, with parents and with children themselves over this summer.  We need your help: please feel free to distribute the attached to friends and family, acquaintances and even to those whom you do not know!  Following successful Minety RFC interventions at recent sports days and fêtes at Ashton Keynes and Malmesbury schools, there will be representation at Lea & Garsdon Primary School fête on 14th July and Minety Primary School fête on 20th July.  Please come and support our MagnificenMinety Minions stand!
Separately, if you or your child is *desperate* to play some rugby over the summer – and who wouldn’t want to? – be aware that Summer Touch Rugby is on at Minety RFC on Thursdays at 17pm throughout the summer, for juniors, seniors, regulars, newbies and those who have fallen away from rugby….  It’s mixed gender and caters for all ages and abilities; it’s great fun and an ideal way to get back into rugby.  You or your child even have the chance to win the much coveted ‘Player of the Summer’ trophy!    So come along for a run around and a good laugh!
And once again (put it in your calendars, diaries and on your fridge now): the junior rugby season begins on Sunday 2nd September at 10am at Minety RFC.
Have a great summer everyone!

Written by Graham Cooke

July 13th, 2018 at 5:50 pm

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Pre season training

A reminder that pre season training begins next Tuesday at 7pm. All are welcome.

Feeling that you’ve lost that athletic edge?  Too many kebabs and pints of strong cider over the past two months?  A little bloated?  Trousers a bit tight around the waist?  Breathless?

Sounds as if you need to come and join us for our pre season training.

Minety RFC could be your salvation.  Come along and join us on Tuesday 10th at 7pm – “You know it makes sense!”

Written by Graham Cooke

July 3rd, 2018 at 8:44 am

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Round ball kicking

For those interested in round ball kicking, Andy will be opening the club around 6pm on Tuesday so you can join in some touch and get your fill of the World Cup!

Of course, you may well be tempted by Wimbledon tennis and England v. India in a T20 cricket match at the same time!


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July 2nd, 2018 at 9:36 pm

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Last night for touch rugby?

Tuesday (3rd July) will be the last night of touch. If folk are interested in keeping it going untill the preseason matches on a Thursday then we will. But get your orders in with Jo for food and will have a good beer and give the ‘Player of the Summer’ trophy. See you all 7pm Tuesday!




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July 2nd, 2018 at 8:03 am

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In the most unusual settings …

Minety players do appear in the most unusual of settings … and those avid Poldark watchers on a Sunday night may well have been taken aback by the appearance of one of our own in period costume.  Couldn’t believe your eyes?  Too much of the amber liquid consumed?  Overcome with the heat?

No, you were right, and here is the proof.

Step forward flanker Rob Hinwood.

In the next of this occasional series, we hope to bring you evidence of another Minety player appearing in Poldark!  Now, I wonder who that could be!

Written by Graham Cooke

June 27th, 2018 at 1:28 pm

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Tee Off Time!

Date: Saturday 11th August, 9:30am
Oaksey Golf Course
As last year, Texas scramble in pairs, open to all abilities. Prizes and drinks afterwards. Spectators and family welcome, they have a nice bar and outdoor seating area. Contact me or sign up on facebook: www.facebook.com/events/206095100039095/
The much coveted trophy in the image is up for grabs!

Written by Graham Cooke

June 25th, 2018 at 10:09 am

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Pre Season 2018 / 9 and other news

With the new season looming coach Andy Grayson has announced that pre season training will commence on Tuesday July 10th from 7pm until 8.30pm.

The club is delighted to welcome Rachael Glew to the role of Recruitment Officer.  If anyone has any contacts who might be persuaded to come along to pre season training / sign up for the season, please let Rachael know (her contact details are on the Contacts Page (via the right hand menu)).

Touch rugby continues on a Tuesday evening from 7pm – all abilities, shapes, sizes and sexes catered for.  Thanks to Duncan Simpson, once again, for making Touch Rugby at Minety such a summer success.

Last year’s chairman, Dave Peirce, is organising the club house at 3:45 pm tomorrow (Saturday) for England v SA Test Match. We hope that JB will be joining us, so let’s welcome him back.

The Fixtures for both 1st and 2nd XV’s are up on the website – see right hand menu.  We have yet to receive notification of Cup matches – as soon as we hear, information will be posted here.

We like to think of Minety as being special because it is such a friendly club, but it’s always good to be reminded of this.  I hope Hywel wont mind me posting this Facebook comment that he made recently! “Evening chaps. I just found out that a young lad that I brought along to touch has kept coming to the sessions even when Owen and I weren’t there. For a 14 year old lad to feel comfortable enough with a group of adults from a different club to keep coming speaks volumes for the way you have looked after him and the way the club behaves. Very proud of how you’ve looked after one of my lads. Thank you.”  And thank you Hywel for all that you’ve done and continue to do for the club.

Written by Graham Cooke

June 22nd, 2018 at 10:20 am

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Help Andy

Hi All,

I need your help (well, money actually!). In a moment of madness and sobriety I signed up to a 100km (just over 62 miles in old money) walk on August 11th this year. I am raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society to combat a disease which currently affects 850,000 people in the UK by walking from Chepstow to Hereford in one hit. Please donate what you can at  www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Andy-Brown80

Many thanks

Andy Brown

Written by Graham Cooke

June 12th, 2018 at 6:00 am

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2018 Minety RFC AGM

This year’s Annual General Meeting of Minety RFC is on Wednesday 13th June at 7.30pm in the club house at Minety.

Please make every effort to attend. This is your Rugby Club, and this is your chance to have your say, elect officers for next season etc.

If you would like to stand for an official position please add your name to the election of officers form, which is currently on the notice board in the Rugby Club.

Look forward to seeing you all there, and hopefully sooner.

Written by Graham Cooke

June 11th, 2018 at 10:29 am

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Minety Golf Day 2018

Players (old and new), supporters, friends and family are invited to join us for the Minety RFC Golf Day at the Oaksey Park Golf Club on Saturday 11th August, with a tee off time from 9.30am.

Those interested should contact Duncan Simpson via our Social Secretaries: Ben Collins – Email: b.m.j.collins@gmail.com and Gareth Thomas – Email: gareth.thomas@rockwellcollins.com

No prior knowledge of the game necessary, although advisable!

Written by Graham Cooke

June 10th, 2018 at 1:17 pm

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Three Years Behind the Camera

At the Club Dinner on Friday 1st June 2018, we announced the launch of a new book (in fact, the first book) about Minety RFC.

Entitled “Three Years Behind the Camera: the story of Minety RFC 2015-2018”, the book includes match reports of fixtures between September 2015 and April 2018 in 262 pages.

Published in A4 size, it features a full colour cover, 262 pages of text, over 200 photographs and nearly 70,000 words.  The book includes statistics from each of the three years covered and dips into the history of the club from those far off heady days of the 1970’s.

Club chairman Dave Peirce and Head of Rugby Operations Cliff Garland provide introductions to the book.

“Three Years Behind the Camera” is published by Bustard Productions and can be purchased through their website at http://bustardproductions.co.uk/three-years-behind-the-camera/

The book costs £14.99 plus postage and packing but can be purchased for £14.99 including postage and packing if bought through the Bustard Productions website.

A special limited edition of 20 signed and numbered copies is available on a first come, first served basis at the club or by emailing Graham Cooke (ghcooke@hotmail.com)

Written by Graham Cooke

June 5th, 2018 at 12:48 pm

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2018 Annual Club Dinner

A full house sat down to dine on Friday night at Minety RFC for the annual Minety Rugby Club Dinner.

Expertly organised by Andrew Somers and his team, the assembled throng enjoyed a 3 course meal, a number of speeches and award presentations and an after dinner speech by ex international referee Ashley Rowden.

From my hastily scribbled set of notes on the back of a napkin:

Dave Peirce, the outgoing Chairman, thanked the committee for their support over the years and made special mention of his thanks to JB for his superb support for the club ever since Dave became a member of the club.

Club coach Andy Grayson thanked his players and the support staff for their efforst throughout the year and named Jack Howse as the Young Player of the Year.  Colin French was awarded the “Most Imporved Player”, Garin Garland was awarded the Coaches’ Player of the Year and also picked up the “Players’ Player of the Year”.  Andy made particular note of the tremendous support he had received by Hywel Rees during the year.

1st Team Captain Tom Claxton thanked all of the players who had turned out for the 1st team and especially those players from the 2nd team who had to step up, often at very short notice, when injuries and unavailabilities struck the 1st XV.  He reported that it had been a successful season with some noteworthy performances.  The Captain’s Cup went to Ben Scott while Ben Collins picked up the “Handbag Award” and Gareth Thomas MBE was awarded the Wooden Spoon.

2nd Team Captain Matt Stone thanked the coaches and all of his players for their efforts in what was a difficult season for the 2nd XV.  He awarded the 2nd Team Captain’s Player of the Season to Phil Ward and thanked JB for his work on preparing and maintaining the pitches.

Club President Andy Ward introduced the guest speaker, Ashely Rowden, who joined the elite list of rugby referees in 1995, making over 500 appearances as a referee, assistant referee etc. until his retirement in 2006.  During his time he sin binned over 90 players including Martin Johnson and Neil Back in the same match.

Written by Graham Cooke

June 5th, 2018 at 11:03 am

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Final call for Club Dinner tickets

A final reminder that it’s the Club’s Annual Dinner this Friday (1st June) 7:30pm for 8pm. Tickets are just and that includes a £35 three course meal, trophy presentations and a prominent guest speaker.

Any late additions please contact Andy Somers or Ken Wright direct.  See Contacts Page for details.

Also, please note that if you have confirmed, you will be catered for, and therefore will need to pay if you don’t show. Thanks


Written by Graham Cooke

May 30th, 2018 at 4:22 pm

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Minety’s guest speaker, Ashley Rowden

Ashley Rowden

Ashley Rowden

Refereeing the big boys

In 2014 BBC Berkshire ran the following article on our guest speaker.

Berkshire based Ashley Rowden is one of England’s most respected Rugby Union referees. In his distinguished career he has sent over 90 players to the sin-bin and refereed over a 130 Premiership matches.

Ashley first caught the refereeing bug from his father at the tender age of seven. He’s seen many changes in the sport. However, the level of respect the players have for the referee hasn’t changed much.

“I think when you introduce money into any sport, people view it differently. Fortunately we still have a huge amount of respect for the players on the field.

“Players want to win more. Now it’s about playing for contracts, many players are on short term two-year-contracts.

“If they get relegated, they may be out of a job. If they get promoted or win a trophy they’ll get bonuses. But we still seem to have that level of respect that football is sadly lacking.”

Rugby playersDiscipline in any sport is incredibly important, particularly if it’s a full contact one, like rugby. It also seems to be a two-way street, when it comes to maintaining discipline, with the team captains playing a big part.

“When we do pre-match meetings, we speak to the captains for a couple of minutes.

“I usually say, ‘the discipline is down to you gentlemen, if your players step out of line, I or my assistant referee will get involved’.

“But I don’t really want that. If we have to get involved, there’s going to be a sanction of some sort.”

Being in the limelight and rubbing shoulders with the world’s top rugby players isn’t always as enjoyable as you may first think.

“On match day, it’s hard to enjoy it, because it’s so tense and there is so much pressure. You get to enjoy it on the Monday or the Tuesday after. You can relax and only then you realise you’ve done a good job.

Rugby players“It’s a different type of enjoyment on the pitch. It’s enjoyable in a sadistic way. I’m a bit wary of not smiling too much as it can be misinterpreted. You do smile, but you have to pick your moment.”

Whether you’re a player or a referee, you need to have a good level of fitness. The training schedule is pretty gruelling for both parties.

“I’m getting slower as I get older. I train three or four times a week, for about an hour at a time. As the game has become more professional, we as referees have tried to keep up with the players.

“We now get tested three or four times a year on our speed, endurance, body fat and knowledge on the rules of the game.

This professionalism is synchronised with the way they act on the field.

“We aim to get a consensus, so we all try and referee the games in the same way. Obviously with humans you’re not going to get total uniformity.”

Though Ashley juggles his part time refereeing with a full time job, his professionalism and interest has always been a hundred per cent.

Not got your ticket yet?  There’s still time, but not much!

Please reserve your place with Andy Somers or Ken Wright.
Tickets £35.
It’s going to be a great night, so don’t miss out.
Limited to 85 places, so 1st come 1st served.
Thank you
For more information contact Andy on 07810 546341 or email him at andy@greenandpurple.co.uk

Written by Graham Cooke

May 23rd, 2018 at 9:40 am

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Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer of the Year Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce that Club Coach Andy Grayson has been nominated in the Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer of the Year Awards 2018. Launched in January 2017, these awards provide greater numbers of grassroots rugby volunteers with opportunities to be recognised and rewarded for their dedication to the game.

Andy will be attending a local celebration event, one of 42 taking place around the country, at Swindon Mitsubishi on Wednesday 20th June 2018.

One volunteer attending this event will be selected as a Volunteer of the Year finalist, receiving an invitation to a black tie awards evening at Twickenham Stadium on Friday 7th September 2018. At the Volunteer of the Year evening in September, three volunteers will be announced as overall winners and will each receive a Mitsubishi vehicle for the year in recognition of their outstanding voluntary support for rugby.

We wish Andy all the very best for this competition.

Written by Graham Cooke

May 19th, 2018 at 6:00 am

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Annual Club Dinner

Please come and join us for the annual club dinner on Friday June 1st, 7:30pm for 8pm
3 course meal provided by our VP lunch caterers, trophy presentations and prominent guest speaker confirmed as Ashley Rowden, one of England’s most respected rugby referees, with over 500 Premiership match appearances as ref, assistant ref, citing commissioner and 4th official. In an illustrious career, Ashley has sin binned 90+ players, including Martin Johnson and Neil Back in the same match, so he has some great stories.
Please reserve your place with Andy Somers or Ken Wright.
Tickets £35.
It’s going to be a great night, so don’t miss out.
Limited to 85 places, so 1st come 1st served.
Thank you
For more information contact Andy on 07810 546341 or email him at andy@greenandpurple.co.uk
We’ll be providing more background information about our guest speaker in the following week.

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May 18th, 2018 at 10:16 am

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Summer Touch Rugby at Minety

Calling all juniors, seniors, regulars, newbies and those who have fallen away from rugby…

Summer Touch Rugby returned to Minety on Tuesday 15th May at 7pm with a terrific turnout … buit it’s not too late to join the fun.  Minety Summer Touch Rugby will continue throughout the summer on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and all are welcome

It’s Mixed gender and caters for all ages and abilities. It’s great fun and an ideal way to get back into rugby. You even have the chance to win the much coveted ‘Player of the Summer’ trophy!

So come along for a run around and a good laugh!


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May 18th, 2018 at 10:09 am

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Minety 7’s

Next weekend, the rugby festival to top them all – yes, it ain’t summer if it ain’t the Minety 7’s.

Top class rugby action.

The RAF Falcons Parachute Team jumping in.

The Horus, “World Record” holding, 7 a side rugby team.

Loads of attractions for all the family.

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May 7th, 2018 at 6:00 am

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MTV of Avonvale match now available

The 21st, and final Division 1 match of the season, at Avonvale, is now available on MTV through this link, by clicking on the icon or by choosing Minety Player from the right hand menu.

And that’s MTV done and dusted for this rugby season: 21 1st XV matches, 2 Pre season matches and 1 2nd XV match.

We now turn our attention to 2018 – 2019.

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May 6th, 2018 at 6:00 am

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Stat Attack!

This week’s Stat Attack! takes account of both Swindon and Avonvale fixtures.

  • Minety’s match at Swindon was, in fact, a home fixture.
  • It was the first time the Minety players had played an evening match since a pre season warm up game.
  • It was the first time that a Minety game had been played under floodlights this season, although at least one home fixture in the depths of winter could have been helped by floodlighting, it got that dark.
  • It was not the first time this season that only 15 players had been available, so no replacements in the event of injury.
  • Steve White’s massive bang on the head late on meant the team finished the game with only 14 players on the pitch.
  • The four first half tries assured Minety of the bonus point and meant they had to hold on for a win that would guarantee 4th place in the league.
  • Andrew Hibbard captained the team in the absence of the injured Tom Claxton.
  • Dave Cooke became the 5th player to play at fly half this season (after Adam Watt, Tom McAllister, Jack Ward and John Blair)
  • Ben Kingston scored his first try (the all important 4th try) in only his second match for the 1st XV this season.
  • No player of Scottish ancestry (or, at least, no one who’s owned up to it yet) played at Swindon.  Colin French was in attendance as a supporter.
  • At Avonvale, it was the furthest that any 1st team player has had to walk from changing room to pitch.  (Out of the changing room, along a narrow road to the main road, turn right and down the hill and then right again and further down the hill onto the pitch).
  • Jay Thompson and Scott Glew became the 45th and 46th players to play for the 1st XV this season over 21 league matches (should have been 22 but Pewsey Vale conceded).
  • Over the course of the season Minety won 13, drew 1 and lost 8 matches, scoring 468 points and conceding 357.
  • Minety scored 111 points more than they conceded.
  • Minety finished 16 points below 3rd placed Avonvale and 1 point above 5th placed Warminster.
  • Given that Combe Down and Avonvale aren’t actually in Wiltshire, we were the second placed Wiltshire team, behind the champions Bradford on Avon.
  • Minety finished 63 points above the bottom club and 27 behind the top club.
  • 5 of Minety’s 8 losses came against the three clubs above them.
  • Minety scored an average of 22 points per game and conceded 17.
  • Minety failed to score in just 2 fixtures, against champions Bradford and second placed Combe Down.
  • During Saturday’s match at Avonvale there were 7 attempts at either a penalty or conversion; all were successful!
  • The top appearances for Minety 1st XV this season were as follows:
    • Garin Garland 19/21 90%
    • Tom Claxton 18/21 86%
    • Ben Scott 18/21 86%
    • Dave Cooke 17/21 81%
    • Andrew Hibbard 17/21 81%
    • Jack Howse 17/21 81%
    • Chris Rule 16/21 76%
  • Top Points scorers (out of 468 scored in the league)
    • Garin Garland 230  (49% of the total)
    • Dave Cooke 40 (8.6%)
    • Matt Roberts 25 (5.3%)
    • Jack Ward 25 (5.3%)
    • Jack Howse 20 (4.3%)
  • 20 players scored for Minety is 2017 / 2018
  • The team received 17 yellow cards and 1 red card in 21 matches
  • There have never been more than 12 players playing together in consecutive matches all season.
  • Tom Claxton, Mark Glew and Jay Thompson were the only players to be listed at No. 2 throughout the season.
  • 11 players made just one appearance each for the 1st XV
  • Jack Howse had the longest run of consecutive appearances with 16.
  • Colin French, with 11 appearances, was the Scotsman with the most appearances.
  • I videoed 24 matches (21 Division 1, 1 Division 3 and 2 Pre season friendlies).
  • Anton failed to make it onto the pitch as a player despite missing just one 1st XV match all season.
  • Benjamin Disreali failed to make a single appearance.
  • 70,000 views on the website since February 2016 suggests that there is still a market for rubbish!
  • This is the last Stat Attack! of the season (huge breath of relief).

As Disraeli once said, “Thank God that’s over!”



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May 2nd, 2018 at 11:29 am

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MTV of Swindon match available

MTV’s coverage of the Minety Swindon match, played at Swindon under floodlights, on Wednesday 25th April is now available and can be accessed through this link, clicking on the MTV icon or via the Minety Player option on the right hand menu.

Minety had to win and secure the 4 try bonus point to confirm a 4th place finish in the league with just one match to play.



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May 2nd, 2018 at 9:38 am

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The Final League table

Minety’s valiant 31-13 defeat at Avonvale was the very last match in Dorset and Wilts Division 1 North for 2017 – 2018 season.  The bonus point win on Wednesday at Swindon meant that all Minety had to do was put 15 players on the pitch at Avonvale, and thus avoid a 5 point penalty for conceding a fixture, and 4th place in the league was guaranteed.  Certainly the performance put in by a very experimental lineup on Saturday was far more than “just turning up” material – they pushed Avonvale very hard but two converted tries in each half and a penalty saw the Bath based team home with something of a flattering scoreline.

MTV will be back tomorrow with the Swindon match and then later in the week with the Avonvale game.

In the meantime, take more than a pinch of satisfaction looking at the league table.  4th place was the target set by the coahes at the start of the season but even they could not have imagined the massive injury toll that put such a strain upon playing resources.  Given that the teams in 2nd  and 3rd place aren’t located in either Dorest or Wiltshire, it makes Minety’s performance even better.

And let’s not forget the 2nd XV, whose final position in the table was largely influenced by match concession penalties when they were forced to cancel matches in order to help the 1st XV out.

A full review of the season for both teams will appear in the coming weeks.

But here’s the Division 1 table in full.

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May 1st, 2018 at 9:58 am

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Beaten but unbowed

A patched up Minety team ended their fine season with a loss at 3rd placed Avonvale in a much closer match than the 31-13 score line suggested.

Scott & Mark Glew

With a number of players facing their 3rd game in 8 days and giving season debuts to Jay Thompson and 47 year old Scott Glew, the village team entered the match knowing that 4th place, in a very competitive league, was assured after the midweek win at Swindon.

Avonvale showed their intent early on with a fine crossfield move through their backs which stretched the Minety defence but the villagers clawed themselves back into the contest, keeping the ball in the forwards and using the pace and power of captain Andrew Hibbard and flanker Ben Sellick to relieve the pressure.

As the game opened up, Minety increasingly relied upon scrum half Garin Garland’s quick breaks and defensive line speed to break up Avonvale’s well organised attacks.

It was no surprise when Avonvale opened the scoring. A six phase move saw the ball out wide on the left and the 1st try was scored.  A fine conversion followed putting the home team 7-0 in the lead.

Minety came back strongly, centres Chris Rule and Jack Howse using their power and pace to push Avonvale back but the village team were unable to transform possession into points against a well organised and disciplined Avonvale defence.

A change in tactics saw a long penalty kick chased down by winger Del Murray near the Avonvale line. Minety chose to run the ensuing penalty and first Sellick and then Garland and Ben Langridge were held up inches from the line.

When Avonvale were penalised again, Garland stroked home the penalty to bring the scores back to 7-3.

Avonvale struck back with their second try in the 28th minute.  After a series of forward based attacks down the left, the play was switched across field for their right winger to touch down near the corner flag.  Another long range conversion was successful and Avonvale led 14-3.

A Garland penalty on the stroke of half time saw the teams change ends with Avonvale 14-6 up.

The opening phases of the 2nd half were evenly contested although Avonvale always looked dangerous when the ball went out wide.

The decisive moment came in the 55th minute.  The physically larger Avonvale team began to dominate a visibly tiring Minety side, many of whom were playing their second match in four days.  With the Avonvale pack pushing Minety back onto their own line, the referee spotted an errant hand on the ball and awarded a penalty try to Avonvale.

When centre Chris Rule picked up a leg injury, 47 year old Scott Glew, making his season debut, joined his son Mark in the Minety front row.

Avonvale’s 4th try came from another forward drive before the ball was moved back for the centre to break the line and touch down beneath the posts.  Yet another successful conversion saw Avonvale stretch their lead to 22 points.

Ben Sellick

A long range penalty in the 75th minute took Avonvale’s advantage to 31-6 but Minety’s grit and resolve was summed up in the last play of the match, and the season, when Sellick intercepted a pass and ran 60 metres to score Minety’s try wide out on the left.

Garland capped a fine individual performance with a conversion to leave the final score Avonvale 31 Minety 13.

Coach Andy Grayson had nothing but praise for his side.  “I thought it was a really great effort from the lads.  They never gave up and fully deserved that try at the end.  At the start of the season I thought we were capable of a 4th place finish and we’ve managed it.”

Written by Graham Cooke

April 29th, 2018 at 3:21 pm

Last match of the season

It’s the last match of the season for Minety RFC.  The 2nd XV have completed their league programme but the 1st XV must travel to Avonvale today for their final fixture.

Avonvale RFC play at Bathford Playing Fields, Bathford, Bath. BA2 7AU

After their fine away win at Swindon on Wednesday evening, Tom Claxton’s team need to take to the field today to confirm their magnificent 4th place in the final league table.

Full match report will appear here on this site tomorrow morning.



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April 28th, 2018 at 10:35 am

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Mission accomplished

Minety secure 4th place in Dorset and Wilts Division 1 North!

Minety were forced to travel to Swindon for their final “home” match of the season, the game being played midweek under lights, in the knowledge that a bonus point win would clinch 4th place in the league at the end of a bruising and injury ravaged season.

Fielding just 15 players and with several playing out of their usual positions, the Minety team rose to the challenge magnificently, winning 39-14 and gaining that necessary bonus point.

Swindon kicked off into a stiff breeze on a firm and well grassed pitch but it was the visitors who dominated the early exchanges, going ahead in the 3rd minute when scrum half Garin Garland slotted home a penalty after Swindon were penalised for a high tackle on the dangerous Minety full back, Matt Roberts.

Just minutes later, flanker Kieran Tillotson had a try ruled out after a pass to him was adjudged to have drifted forward but Minety maintained the pressure and only a fine interception prevented Roberts from scoring after fly half Dave Cooke had broken through the Swindon defence.

Garland extended the lead in the 9th minute with his second penalty.

The young scrum half tormented the Swindon defence with his darting runs and his quickly taken penalty almost saw centre Jack Howse through for the opening try but the ball went to ground.  Garland was on hand when the resulting Swindon scrum was turned by the powerful Minety pack and the ball broke free.  With his conversion successful, Minety led by 13-0.

Swindon fought back and were denied a try by some fine defensive tackling but Minety scored again when powerful centre Jack Howse seized on the ball in midfield, kicked ahead and then won the chase to touch down.  Garland’s conversion sailed between the posts and Minety were 20-0 up.

Fly half, Dave Cooke

From the kick-off Garland sliced through the Swindon line and ran 60 metres before being hauled down but the ball broke to Tillotson who off loaded for Cooke to score for Minety’s 3rd try and extend the lead to 25.

With the natural light fading, Swindon hit back, their outside  centre crashing through the Minety line to score close to the posts.

As the half reached its end, Number 8 Andrew Hibbard, captaining the team in Tom Claxton’s enforced absence, was held up on the line as Minety chased the 4th, and bonus point winning, try.

The all-important score came in the last play of the half.  Garland intercepted a pass on his own 22 and sprinted away before passing to outside centre Ben Kingston, making only his second 1st XV appearance of the season, who ran in from just inside his own half to touch down under the posts.  Garland’s 3rd successful conversion took the half time score to 32-7.

With the wind behind them and the floodlights taking effect, Swindon dominated the early stages of the second half and both Roberts and Tillotson put in bone jarring tackles to hold back the tide.

Hibbard and centre Chris Rule held up a Swindon forwards’ move as Minety’s defence held firm and it was only a last ditch tackle from prop Rob Hinwood beneath the posts that prevented a try.

Against the run of play, it was Minety who scored next.  Winger Ben Langridge intercepted a pass on his 10 metre line, drove forward before Howse fed Cooke, who ran in to touch down from 40 metres out.  Garland’s conversion stretched the lead to 39-7.

Swindon struck back with a try from one of their forwards, the successful conversion ending the scoring at 39-14 leaving Minety to manage the final 20 minutes of play.

The village team might have had a 6th try late on when a fine backs’ move deep in their own 22 released winger Steve White, who ran 50 metres before being hauled down by Swindon’s last line of defence.  The winger was subsequently forced off with a head injury and Minety had to play out the final 10 minutes with just 14 players.

Coach Andy Grayson was full of praise for his team after the win.  “It was a fine all round team performance.  We achieved what we set out to do, gain that win and the bonus point, and did it against a spirited and doughty Swindon side.  A number of performances caught the eye but Man of the Match must go to Dave Cooke, playing his first ever match at fly half, who took his two tries well and impressed throughout.”

Minety now travel to Avonvale on Saturday for their final match of the season, secure in the knowledge that 4th place in Dorset and Wilts Division 1 is theirs.

Earlier Minety 2nd XV ended their league campaign, beaten by league champions Corsham in a tight game by 26-10 at Minety Fields.


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April 27th, 2018 at 11:45 am

1st XV secure 4th place in league

On a dramatic night of rugby for Minety RFC the 1st XV travelled to Swindon for their re-arranged fixture under floodlights and came away with the vital win and bonus point to secure 4th place in the league, behind Bradford, Combe Down and Avonvale, but crucially above Warminster.

The final result at Swindon was Minety 39 Swindon 14 (the match was played at Swindon but was actually a Minety home match).  The village side scored 5 tries in all.

In the evening’s other fixture, the 2nd XV put up a valiant fight against the runaway division champions Corsham but eventually went down by 26-10 at Minety Fields.

A full match report on the 1st XV game will be available on this site tonight or tomorrow morning.

The 1st XV have one final match, away at Avonvale, on Saturday afternoon.


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April 26th, 2018 at 6:47 am

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Next Fixtures

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April 25th, 2018 at 10:04 am

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MTV of 2nd XV match now available

The cameras (ok, camera) from MTV engineered a swift change of plan after the 1st Division match with Pewsey Vale was conceded by the visitors, instead journeying over to the delights of Oldfield Park RFC to capture the best of the Division 3 clash between Minety 2nd XV and Bath Saracens.

The action can be accessed by clicking on this link, clicking on the MTV icon or via the Minety Player option on the right hand menu.

So much choice; so little time!

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April 25th, 2018 at 9:56 am

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Wednesday 25th April

Minety RFC is just 3 matches away from the end of the league campaigns in Dorset and Wilts Division1 and 3.  The 1st XV have two matches in four days, on Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon, while the 2nd XV wrap up their season with a match on Wednesday evening.

The 1st XV match is scheduled as a “home” match against Swindon but because of the 7pm kick off time it has been moved to Swindon where the game can be completed under a full set of floodlights.  This is a vital fixture for Tom Claxton’s team, a bonus point win would ensure them 4th place in the league with a tough away fixture at 3rd placed Avonvale to come on Saturday afternoon.   Swindon have had a torrid time in the league this season but Minety cannot be complacent; it will take a good all round performance to get the necessary win and nobody is taking anything for granted.

The 2nd XV, already assured of a 7th place finish in the league, face table topping Corsham, who have only slipped to one defeat all season.  Matt Stone and his team will have been buoyed by their fine away win at Bath Saracens on Saturday but know that Corsham will be a different kettle of fish.  This match kicks off at 6.30pm at Minety Fields on Wednesday in the hope that it can be concluded without the necessity for floodlighting.



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April 24th, 2018 at 11:13 am

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Results from the weekend

After the disappointment of last week, where the 1st XV narrowly lost at Melksham and Warminster gained 5 league points with a walkover, this week’s results have gone some way to reversing the situation with the two Minety teams picking up 5 league points each.

In Division 1 Bradford confirmed their promotion and championship with a comprehensive win over a spirited Trowbridge team.  Combe Down, already assured of a play off place for promotion, gave Chippenham a bit of a beating.  Avonvale’s victory at Warminster denied the home team a losing bonus point and confirmed thrid place for league’s newest team.  The loss of any points for Warminster and Minety’s 5 points for the walkover over Pewsey Vale mean that the village team sit just four points behind Warminster with two games in hand, on Wednesday night against Swindon (at Swindon because of the need for floodlights) and away at Avonvale next Saturday.  A 4th place finish would be remarkable for a club the size of Minety, competing with much bigger clubs with amazing facilities. Captain Tom Claxton will hope that they will be able to get those 5 points on Wednesday against the league’s bottom club and so avoid the pressure of having to go to Avonvale next Saturday knowing that a win or, at very least, a losing bonus point was necessary.

In Division 3 North Minety’s bonus point, 6 try win at Bath Saracens moved them up to 7th place.  It was good to see so many  of the regular 1st XV players going across to Bath to cheer on their team mates.  The performance of some of nthe youngsters, and no so youngsters, certainly caught the eye of club coach Andy Grayson.  Minety now have one last fixture against the champions Corsham (full details on this site tomorrow).

We must thank everyone at Bath Saracens for a very friendly welcome and a good game, and wish them all the best in the future.

Elsewhere, Corsham maintained their excellent run of form withy a big bwin at local rivals Chippenham, Swindon enjoyed a similar success against their local rivals Supermarine whilst Bradford overcame bottom club Melksham with some ease.




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April 23rd, 2018 at 8:59 am

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Minety turn on the style

Minety turn on the style.

With the 1st XV match conceded by visitors Pewsey Vale, all eyes turned on the 2nd XV’s match away at Bath Saracens in Dorset and Wilts Division 3.

The match, played at Oldfields RFC very attractive venue, pitched 6th placed Bath Saracens against 8th placed Minety and gave visiting coach Andy Grayson a chance to look at some of the emerging talent in the 2nd XV.

Man of the Match, James Nickson

The visitors started the match pushing the Saracens back into their own 22 and dominating the open play, teenage scrum half James Nickson martialling his troops with an assurity which belied his youth and relative inexperience.

With hooker Mark Glew’s powerful running in midfield and the dangerous full back Ben Kingston always looking for counter attacking opportunities, Minety applied pressure across the pitch but were unable to find a way through Saracens’ well organised defence.

Veteran 2nd row Phil Ward was dominant at the back of the line out and Minety enjoyed quality ball so it was something of a surprise that they failed to open the scoring before the 27th minute.

A series of rucks near the Saracens line ended with the dangerous Glew taking the ball at pace and slicing through the defence for the first try.  NIckson’s long range conversion was a success and Minety led 7-0.

Minety doubled their lead 4 minutes later with one of the tries of the season.  From a scrum just outside of his own 22, Nicksen picked up the ball and dummied the Saracens’ defence before streaking clear, side stepping the full back and toughing down beneath the posts.  His conversion sailed between the uprights and Minety led 14-0.

Glew scored his 2nd, and Minety’s 3rd try from a forwards’ pushover just before half time as coach Grayson made a number of changes, experimenting with players playing in unaccustomed positions.

With both teams making full use of bench players in the very hot sunshine, Minety started the 2nd half 19-0 up.

They wrapped up the 4 try bonus point in the 48th minute.  Nickson fed replacement fly half Dave Cooke.  His long pass was caught by centre Bram Coleman, whose flicked pass set Garin Garland in for a try near the posts.  Coleman kicked the conversion to put the visitors 26 points clear.

In the energy sapping conditions, it was great credit to both teams for the high pace that the game was played at.

Despite the score line, Saracens continued to play open, attacking rugby and richly deserved their opening try in the 63rd minute.  After a fluent backs’ move along the line, play switched in field and a clever “grubber” kick through the Minety line allowed the home side’s inside centre to touch down under the posts.

Minety hit back with some forceful running from the powerful Gareth Thomas but it was the home side who scored next with a fine “length of the pitch” try involving 6 players before the scrum half touched down beneath the posts.  The successful conversion brought the scores back to 26-14.

All chances of an unlikely comeback were halted 2 minutes later when centre Del Murray cleverly picked his way through the home defence to score under the posts.

The 6th Minety try came in the 77th minute when the impressive Kingston broke through to touch down, Coleman converting to end the match 40-14 in Minety’s favour.

Coach Grayson was delighted with the performance of the whole squad but singled out James Nickson for particular praise after a Man of the Match performance.

Minety’s win lifts them into 7th place in the league with one fixture remaining of the season against champions Corsham.

In Division 1, Minety’s home walkover and Warminster’s defeat at home to Avonvale mean that the village side lie 4 points behind Warminster with two matches in hand in the fight for 4th place in the league.

Written by Graham Cooke

April 22nd, 2018 at 12:15 pm

2nd XV match

We’ve just been informed that Bath Saracens v Minety 2nd XV match will be played at Oldfield RFC, whose address is Shaft Rd, Bath BA2 7HP.


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April 21st, 2018 at 10:51 am

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