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Membership Benefits

All Members:

  • Right to apply for International Tickets

  • Discounted Bar Prices

  • Discounted Rates on Club Merchandise and Events

  • Voting Rights and the Right to Stand for Office

  • Priority over Non-Members for Club Organised Socials


Playing Members:

  • All benefits listed above

  • Free Access to Sports Therapist at Matches and Training Sessions

  • Free Access to Specialist Training Equipment

  • Individual Training Program and Player Performance Profiling upon Request

  • Post-Match Food

  • Player Insurance

  • Subsidised Coaching and/or Refereeing Courses

  • Access to 12 Month Playing Program Including Summer Touch Rugby

Senior Playing

No Match Fees

Occasional Playing/Social Member

£5 Match Fees

Student - Living at Home

No Match Fees

Student - Living Away

No Match Fees

Playing membership to Minety RFC runs from the 1st of July till the 30th of June, full playing membership is £120, generally by £10/month standing order – see appendix A for full details. Players are responsible for setting up payment, any queries should be raised immediately with the club treasurer. 


New playing members will have a grace period, being “preseason”, if joining the club before the start of a new season. Preseason will end on the 1st of September; membership payment should be in place by this date. New playing members joining after the start of the season will have a grace period of 2 weeks, after which membership payment is required. During the grace period a player cannot play for the 1st XV in a league fixture.


Any player with financial hardship can approach the committee in full confidence, so that the committee can agree a financial agreement with the player at their discretion.


If a player is not paying or stops paying membership, the committee will follow the ‘Request for Playing Membership Process’ outlined in appendix B. Membership covers all club benefits for example, physio and sports therapy, therefore no exception will be made for injured players. Full membership details – reference appendix A. For any extenuating circumstances players must discuss membership payments in full confidence with the committee.


Any arrears in membership payment must be settled before full playing and club benefits are restored, including eligibility for match day selection


Club and Committee positions can only be held by paid-up members. Some committee positions including, but not limited to, Chairman and Treasurer require members to have two years paid membership prior to taking the position.  AGM Votes can only be cast by registered, paid-up members. 

Appendix B: Process for requesting membership payment from a player

The following two-part request protocol is to be used to request membership payment/debt from a player. Ineligibility for match day selection, removal from training and removal of membership benefits will be strictly enforced. Head Coach and Club Captain are responsible for ensuring this enforcement in match day selection with the full support of the committee.

The treasurer is responsible for reporting non-paying players or cancelled memberships to the committee. On being informed of a non-paying player, the committee are to assign responsibility for the request protocol to a committee member, generally this will be the Club Captain.

At all stages, the player will be given the opportunity to agree financial hardship in full confidence with the committee. Should the players financial hardship change, they are responsible for informing the committee and paying future membership in full.

Request 1

The player will be asked at the earliest opportunity, in person, by the assigned committee member to pay membership and any outstanding debt. The player will be given a paper copy of this protocol and details for settling payment/setting up standing order – see appendix A. This request will be officially recorded, Head Coach and Club Captain will be notified.

The player will be allowed to train, use club facilities and MPFA benefits between requests 1 and 2. The player will not be eligible for match day selection until payment is resolved.

The player will be given the opportunity to discuss any financial hardship in full confidence with the committee.

The player will have one week from request 1 to settle payment or approach the committee with financial hardship. It is the players responsibility to ensure receipt of any payment with the club treasurer.

Request 2

Should payment not be settled after 1 week following request 1, the player will be asked for a second and final time by the assigned committee member to resolve payment or agree financial hardship with the committee. This request will be officially recorded.

At this stage, the player will have all membership benefits removed; will not be able to train, use the club facilities, receive club benefits or be eligible for match day selection until payment is resolved or agreed financial hardship with the committee. The Head Coach and Club Captain will be notified. The MPFA representative will be informed and any MPFA benefits will be withheld.

If the player is to attend training, make use of club facilities or seek MPFA benefits, the Club Captain or Vice-Captain is responsible for their removal.

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