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Plymouth tour XV

Andy Somers writes…

I found another pic for you. Again, unsure of year. This was under the posts at Ivybridge when we toured Plymouth. We went to the Jamaica Inn for lunch before the game and the bus couldn’t get through a narrow bridge, so we had to turn back and were about 90 mins late for kick off. Ivybridge rewarded our punctuality by playing their 1st team instead of their 3rd team and beat us 78-3 (when tries were 4 points !). I remember the crowd encouraging players  to score in the corners to give the kicker some practice. I also remember we turned around at 0-40 then, early in the 2nd half, we got a penalty and Tony Kemp asked me to put some points on the board. I dutifully stepped up and bisected the posts. Tony said it was the turning point of the game because they only put another 38 on us after that ! This was the same tour where opponents Dartmouth Royal Naval College challenged us to maintain the tradition for touring  sides to write their club name on the (high) ceiling. In the blink of an eye Minety’s daring acrobats the Flying Zucchinis formed a dangerous human pyramid enabling Steve “go it alone” Reynolds to attempt the challenge using lipstick and no safety net. After completing the task we stood back to admire his work and observed that he had written Minty RFC ! Name the team and year. Cheers Andy

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