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Duncan Simpson. 100+ Appearances. Never missed a tackle (sources unconfirmed).

Time to sit back and acknowledge the contribution of Minety Centurion Duncan Simpson, who again stepped up to the plate this weekend in aid of the Purple and Green!

Duncan's contributions to the club are hard to summarise - whilst the website will state this weekend was his 102nd game, he will in fact be far clear of this number due to the seasons that are undocumented.

(Also undocumented are the number of assists, last-man tackles, and support lines that Duncan will tell you about should you query the total number of tries scored over the last 10 years... )

But what has been clear for all to see over the last 10 years has been his love for the club, and his passion to move the club forward where he can - more recently taking a step back from playing, and instead looking at how to drive improvement behind the scenes with the work he's put into the website and the various other areas of the club.

A true Minety clubman without doubt! (Even if he is very Scottish and banned from talking politics with anyone...)


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