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Minety Milestones: 100 caps for Potter, 1000 points for Garland

A couple of big milestones hit in the club recently and we want to just take a moment to go back and celebrate them!

First of all - another member added to the 100 club: Tom Claxton a.k.a Potter.

Truth be told if it weren't for Potter being involved at Minety, this club would look quite different to how it does now. His commitment on the pitch only equalled by his commitment off of it (much of which goes on noticed and under appreciated)

We also recognise that this stat is likely much higher due to the years played at Minety! - but whatever the number he'll long be seen as one of the great Minety characters - even though he is a miserable b***** at times/all time,

The next milestone we want to celebrate is that of Garin Garland hitting 1000 league points in the Green and Purple of Minety - and this is all before him slotting 11 conversions at the weekend!

I feel enough has been written previously about how good Garin is a player, and how instrumental he's been for so many seasons - the only area of his game that's consistently fallen short over the years is his actual height, measuring in at a solid 5 ft f*ck all.

Anyway. Who knows how many points he'll eventually end up - but what we can say is how good it is to watch a Minety team with this man pulling the strings.

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