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In memory of John Lewis

The Press Officer recently received this e-mail from Dave Hall who wants to raise money for the British Lung Foundation in memory of the late and fondly remembered John Lewis.

Sounds like a good cause.

Dear Nigel, I hope you’re well.

Firstly, can I introduce myself.  I was friends with the late John Lewis, and along with a number of his friends attended the Minety Rugby Dinner on a several occasions (I believe we were known as the ‘Welsh B*stards’, although that’s unfair to the Englishmen amongst us).  Ian Howells, my brother-in-law, (cc’d) did a reading at John’s funeral, which I know a number of the past and present club members attended. In John’s memory a group of us are doing the London to Paris Bike Ride (push bikes not motorbikes, unfortunately) in June, raising money for the British Lung Foundation – it seemed the best charity, based on what John experienced. I’m writing to see if you’d consider publicising this on your website, and including a link to our fundraising page?  I appreciate times are difficult but we really want to use this opportunity to raise as much money as possible, and raise awareness of the cause. The link is:

We’re very happy to mention Minety Rugby Club at every opportunity, knowing what an important part of John’s life it had been.  We’ve set a minimum target of £10,000 and have nearly raised £7,000, with a number of remaining fund raising events in place – however, we want to do all we can to make sure we raise as much as possible. I do appreciate this is a request ‘out of the ‘blue’, but any support received is greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Dave Hall


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