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Minety 7s

Saturday 20 April 2013

Minety Annual Invitation Seven-a-Side Rugby Tournament

Ten out of 10 for Minety 7s

Final of Men’s Cup: Minety RFC 10pts – Bristol University 33pts

Final of Ladies’ Cup: Trojans Ladies beat Supermarine Ladies

Final of Men’s Plate: Sutton Benger RFC 5pts – Swansea Metropolitan University 26pts

Bristol University won this year’s Minety 7s in a thrilling final against the hosts.

The two teams were the swiftest in the competition, but the students had the quicker hands, changing the point of attack at lightning speed and running away with the game 10-33 in the second half.

The match was the climax of a wonderful day’s rugby, a big occasion for this small but community-minded Wiltshire village. The sun shone, the crowds gathered, and 18 men’s teams and six women’s teams played a non-stop round of matches on three adjacent pitches.

It was hugely entertaining and the standard of rugby impressively high.

The final of the Ladies’ Cup was played between Trojans and Supermarine, with the women from Southampton securing victory.

The Men’s Plate, the Oh-So-Nearly Cup, was won by the students from Swansea Metropolitan University, who beat Sutton Benger 26-5 in the final.

A big thank you from Minety Rugby Club to organiser Jack Ward, to the 240 players who took part, to those who helped run the day, and to all those who came along to watch and made it such a special occasion.

Men’s Teams:

  1. Minety RFC

  2. Minety Dreamers

  3. Minety Academy 2K11

  4. Bristol University

  5. Gloucestershire University

  6. Swansea Metropolitan University

  7. Worcester University

  8. Chippenham Academy

  9. Cirencester RFC

  10. Gosford All Blacks RFC

  11. Pewsey Vale RFC

  12. Supermarine RFC

  13. Sutton Benger RFC

  14. Cirencester College Pirates

  15. Crusaders

  16. Dyson

  17. Hacking Jackets

  18. One Direction

Women’s Teams:

  1. Miren (Minety & Cirencester Ladies)

  2. Baa Baas

  3. Hornettes

  4. Supermarine Ladies

  5. Trojans Ladies

  6. Worcester University Ladies


GROUP 1Minety RFC10Cirencester RFC0Gloucestershire University29Chippenham Academy0Hacking Jackets22Gosford All Blacks RFC0Cirencester RFC0Gloucestershire University10Gosford All Blacks RFC0Minety RFC38Chippenham Academy12Hacking Jackets5Gosford All Blacks RFC10Cirencester RFC0Gloucestershire University37Hacking Jackets0Minety RFC35Chippenham Academy14Gosford All Blacks RFC7Gloucestershire University36Cirencester RFC0Chippenham Academy10Minety RFC30Hacking Jackets0Chippenham Academy24Gosford All Blacks RFC7Minety RFC17Gloucestershire University7Cirencester RFC0Hacking Jackets10

GROUP 2One Direction10Crusaders0Worcester University19Minety Dreamers5Supermarine RFC12Sutton Benger RFC32Crusaders0Worcester University10Sutton Benger RFC17One Direction14Minety Dreamers0Supermarine RFC29Sutton Benger RFC10Crusaders0Worcester University17Supermarine RFC0One Direction38Minety Dreamers0Sutton Benger RFC5Worcester University21Crusaders0Minety Dreamers10Supermarine RFC7One Direction12Minety Dreamers0Sutton Benger43One Direction24Worcester University5Crusaders0Supermarine RFC10

GROUP 3Cirencester College Pirates17Minety Academy 2K1117Bristol University26Dyson0Pewsey Vale RFC0Swansea Metropolitan Uni24Minety Academy 2K110Bristol University36Swansea Metropolitan Uni10Cirencester College Pirates12Dyson0Pewsey Vale33Swansea Metropolitan Uni26Minety Academy 2K115Bristol University19Pewsey Vale RFC17Cirencester College Pirates19Dyson7Swansea Metropolitan Uni0Bristol University34Minety Academy 2K1110Dyson12Pewsey Vale RFC12Cirencester College Pirates14Dyson5Swansea Metropolitan Uni24Cirencester College Pirates10Bristol University14Minety Academy 2K110Pewsey Vale RFC38

Men’s Plate Semi-Finals

Swansea Metropolitan Uni 33 – Worcester University 5

Cirencester College Pirates 17 – Sutton Benger RFC 24

Men’s Cup Semi-Finals

Minety RFC 22 – One Direction 12

Gloucestershire University 17 – Bristol University 36

Men’s Plate Final

Swansea Metropolitan Uni 26 – Sutton Benger RFC 5

Men’s Cup Final

Minety RFC 10 – Bristol University 33

LADIES’ CUPWorcester University Ladies0Supermarine Ladies10Miren19Hornettes24Baa Baas0Trojans Ladies10Supermarine Ladies12Miren10Trojans Ladies10Worcester University Ladies0Hornettes10Baa Baas17Trojans Ladies15Supermarine Ladies10Miren10Baa Baas17Worcester University Ladies0Hornettes10Trojans Ladies?Miren?Supermarine Ladies26Hornettes15Baa Baas10Worcester University Ladies0Hornettes5Trojans Ladies19Worcester University Ladies0Miren10Supermarine Ladies22Baa Baas14

Ladies’ Cup Final

Trojans Ladies beat Supermarine Ladies (score?)


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