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Minety 2nd XV v Colerne

Saturday 8 December 2012

Dorset & Wilts Division 3 North

Depleted Dreamers collared by Colerne

Minety 2nd XV 0pts – Colerne 38pts

League leaders Colerne proved too strong for a Minety second team weakened by late cry-offs and call-ups to the firsts.

Late cry-offs and no-shows left Minety with a starting line-up of just 15 players and no replacements. Determined to make a game of it, they put up a stout defence but their efforts were not enough to stop the visitors gradually accumulating a significant lead.

The home team’s cause was also made more difficult by the gradual loss of players called up as injury replacements for the first XV game on the adjoining pitch. The seconds stuck to their guns but ended up with only 12 players, allowing Colerne plenty of opportunities for overlaps. They duly exploited these and their numerical superiority is inevitably reflected in the final score.


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