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Checking for Concussion

Returning to Fitness Checking for Concussion At Minety the health and fitness of players of all ages and abilities is paramount.  The RFU has produced some excellent materials dealing with returning to fitness and one that we particularly want to bring to everyone’s attention is the question of dealing with a concussion. Click on the picture below to go through to the RFU’s webpage dealing with concussion.  There are sections for players, coaches and officials – it’s good advice.  Take a few minutes to check it out. If you need to check with anyone about a possible concussion then speak with your GP or see club physio Steve Jackman (usually at the club between 8pm and 9pm on a Tuesday night after 1st and 2nd XV training sessions) and on duty at matches. An extremely user friendly document has also been produced by the RFU giving advice about how to return to play rugby after a concussion. It can be downloaded by clicking this link. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been out for a few months or a few years: you’re probably not ready for rugby  yet.  Here’s a few sensible suggestions to get you back in the saddle safely:

  1. Start slow. Sounds obvious but forgotten all too quickly.

  2. Do your own stuff. Once a week on a Tuesday is usually not going to be enough.

  3. Seek advice. I am always on hand to help develop a schedule to get you back on the pitch.

  4. Use our sessions. Come along to training and use as much or as little as you want. Getting too tough – have a breather. Not ready for contact – try something else. Feeling sluggish – use our SAQ equipment. Dip in, dip out as you see fit.

I would much rather people got back playing rugby in the long term rather than turn up to training and try and keep up with regular players. Ease yourself back in gently and let me know when you want to be considered for selection. Until then we’ll enjoy having you along to training and being part of Minety RFC.


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