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Weekend Roundup

Saturday’s match in D&W3 between Minety and Chippenham was the only match played in Divisions 1 and 3, the fixture originally penned in for next Saturday but moved, at the request of Chippenham to allow their players to attend the Clash between Bath and Bristol at Twickenham next Saturday.

The result, 35-27 in favour of Minety, had quite some significance, as can be seen from the table below:

The bonus point winning result for Steve Wilson’s team hauls them above Swindon III’s at the foot of the table. Swindon’s game in hand is a difficult home match against the improving Bath Saracens team who will have noted that with Chippenham only taking a bonus point for four tries scored from Saturday’s defeat are now within touching distance of both themselves and Warminster in the race for 3rd place in the league. Warminster have to overcome the hitherto unbeaten Amesbury to clinch that spot so the onus is on Bath Saracens to secure a victory, claim 3rd place for themselves and keep Minety off the foot of the table.

Saturday’s display by both teams showed just how vital 2nd and 3rd XV matches are. Played in fine style, the match may have lacked the speed and physicality of Division 1 clashes but it was hugely entertaining and contained none of the “controversy” that has dogged matches in the higher division. Veterans, players recovering from injury and a whole crop of promising youngsters contributed and if we can keep them playing and training over the summer then the prospects for 2019-2020 look a whole lot brighter.

Congratulations Minety II’s; you did the club proud. In no particular order, and apologies if I have missed anyone: Steve Wilson (Captain), Mark Glew, Piers Ward, Colin French, Steve Reynolds, Angus Clifford, Johnny Leong, Dave White, Charles Grayson, Scott Tomlinson, James White, Del Murray, Morgan Aubrey, Henry Skipton-Carter, Nicolai De-Sousa, James Stuart, Jack Ward, Andrew Hibbard, Sam Thompson, Jay Thompson, Ned Lockwood, Adrian Fisher, Bram Coleman, Neil ?, Jordan Herbert and Andrew Bell.

The “Boiz” are back in town: Sam Thompson, Del Murray and Jay Thomspon


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