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The Return of the Delhi Belly

OK, so the majority of those at Minety Clubhouse on Saturday were a little disappointed by the rugby results but the event itself was a huge success and much credit goes to Dave Peirce who organised the event and co-ordinated the superb food and to Tom Claxton and Ben Collins, our social secretaries, who helped out.

A good number joined us in time for the kick off of the Irish v. Welsh game.  The front row of seats was occupied by our own Welsh front row made up of Cliff and Garin Garland and Pete and Tom McAllister.  Vocal support from the back came by way of Matt Roberts but the overall support was for a draw – the perfect result for the English in the room.

With the new card reader in action at the bar (more about that next week on the site) the assembled throng settled down for the Scotland v England clash.

The Welsh contingent suddenly discovered their long lost Celtic ancestry ties and were swiftly cheering on the Scots while a group of Tartan clad Murrays added a certain je ne sais quoi to proceedings.

As we settled back to take in the import of what we had just witnessed the clubhouse was transformed as dish after dish of wonderful Indian food was brought in.

For a meagre £10 we settled down to a real feast – what a great social.  Those who missed out will not want to miss out next time a similar event is organised.


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