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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

If you’ve watched some of our league and cup matches on MTV (Minety TV) you’ll have seen just the action from the game, as it happened.  If you’ve ever seen the matches played back after a training session at the club on a Tuesday night, you’ll know that there’s more!


At the end of each match the “best bits” are played back, some in slow motion, all accompanied by some classic rock music, in “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”.

In this, the most recent “Best of”, all the biggest hits, the strongest tackles, the dropped catches, the moments when you just want to hold your head in your hands, and, of course, all the tries scored by Minety are included from 11 matches (9 league, 1 cup and 1 friendly) played between August and November 2017.  Also included is Tom  McAllister’s epic “yard of ale” 18th birthday celebration and the now infamous “farewell to Steve Brown and Ben Langridge” as it played out in the club house!

The DVD, which runs for just over an hour, is available from the club house for £5 per copy.  Order your copy now by emailing Graham at and it will be ready for collection before Christmas.


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