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Texas Scramble Golf at Oaksey

Morgan’s proud to announce the first social after the AGM will be;

Texas Scramble golf at Oaksey golf course on Saturday 27th July – Teams will be in pairs so pick your partner! This is the brainchild of our own Duncan Simpson so credit goes to him on this one.

The plan is to meet at the course for 09:30 for breakfast rolls and drinks with a 10:00 tee off.

We’ll be off the course by 5pm and then the plan is to head back to the Minety Rugby Football Club for golf related drinking games.

The cost is £26.50 which includes 18 holes and lunch (which needs to be pre-ordered).

I’ve created a PayPal money pool that you can pay the monies via here;

This is much easier than cash (although cash is still acceptable) as it’s easier to get people to pay. There’s no charge for this it’s purely for groups to collect money together towards a goal. The money doesn’t go anywhere until I withdraw it and it can be transferred back if you have to cancel.

If you want to know more;

And select Money Pools

Golf has seen a good turnout in previous years so lets start this year’s socials off with a bang and get everyone involved.

If you haven’t got a partner feel free to drag someone along with you!

I’ll update the post with confirmed names but as it stands we have;

Please comment to confirm a place or message me on 07565 362 094


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