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Stat Attack!

“Pointless – definition – having little or no sense, use, or purpose.”

  1. Last Saturday was the first time this season that the 1st XV have not scored a try.

  2. It was also the first time since 20th February 2016 that the 1st XV have not scored a point in a match (Royal Wootton Bassett 32 Minety 0)

  3. The last time a team scored 46 points against us was on 4th March 2017 when Corsham, who went on to be promoted, defeated us 46-3

  4. Saturday’s result was Minety’s heaviest defeat of the D&W1N season

  5. It was the heaviest league defeat since 28th March 2015 when Minety lost 47-0 to Melksham.

  6. Players 35, 36 and 37 in the form of Martin Coe, Bramwell Coleman and Craig Smith, were added to the list of 1st team players used this season in 15 matches

  7. Saturday’s front row may have been the oldest collectively with over 100 years of experience at their beck and call

  8. Surnames with the letter C now overtake W’s.  Chisholm, Church, Claxton, Coe, Coleman, Collins and Cooke

  9. Saturday saw the first ever request from a non player to be included in a Stat Attack feature!  Dave Peirce

  10. It was only the 2nd time this season that a player of Scottish birth was not on the pitch for Minety.  Colin FRench is injured and reports suggest that Duncan Simpson may have gone into hiding after witnessing the Welsh win on Saturday

  11. Saturday 2nd February 2018 was the first time that Minety had visited Combe Down since 12th September 2015 (when we lost 41-22)

  12. Saturday marked the 14th time that Anton has resisted the temptation to play for the 1st XV

  13. The Number 46!  We have accrued 46 league points this season and conceded 46 match points on Saturday.

  14. Minety is still in 4th place in the league, despite the loss, after Warminster failed to beat Chippenham

  15. Minety is now 12 points below 3rd placed Avonvale and 17 below table topping Bradford on Avon

  16. Tom Claxton has the most appearances this season with 14 from 15 matches

  17. Jack Howse has the most currently consecutive appearances with 10 from 15

  18. Ben Scott has the longest run of consecutive appearances this season with 12 from 15 matches

Disraeli was, once again, unavailable, but upon seeing the revised team sheet, said, “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.”  How true!


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