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Stat Attack

Yes, it’s a return for Anton’s favourite post. Benny (Disraeli) has been toiling away with our statistics and has come up with these little gems to keep you going over a weekend when there is no rugby at Minety!

42 players have now donned the 1st XV shirts, the latest two to make their debuts for the season were Matt Chisholm and Gareth Thomas.

We are just 3 debutants short of being able to put out three complete teams worth of 1st XV players.

The 1st XV have played 17 matches so far this season, including cup games but not including pre-season friendlies.

Top of the appearance charts are Ben Scott and Chris Rule, both who have featured in 16 out of the 17 fixtures (94.12%)

Hot on their heals are Tom Claxton and Jack Howse with 15 appearances (88.24%) while Andrew Hibbard and Matt Stone featured in 14 (82.35%)

7 players have featured just once this season.

Surnames starting with the letter “C” are the most numerous with 8: Chisholm, Church, Claxton, Coleman, Collins, Cooke, Crisp and Cross.

440 points have been scored by Minety 1st XV players this season (we’ll include penalty tries in this calculation).

19 players have scored points for Minety’s 1st XV this season.

Garin Garland sits atop the points scored chart with 127 (or 28.86% of the total).

59 tries have been scored by the 1st XV this season.

Garin Garland again tops this list with 9 tries, with Jack Howse not far behind on 7.

18 players have crossed the line for tries.

2 penalty tries have been awarded this season, one of which we have awarded to James Nicksen, who was high tackled in the process of touching down.

The one unattributed penalty try was the one awarded in the final seconds of the Sutton Benger match for an infringement in a scrum.

Of the 59 tries scored, 44 have been successfully converted. That equates to 74.58% success.

Top conversion scorer is Garin Garland with 12. Other successful conversion have come from Jack Ward (4), Ash Windle (2) and Sam Hughes (1).

The naughty step is filling up a little with 8 yellow and 1 red card handed to Minety players in the 17 games. Recently, joining Matt Stone, Ash Windle, Jack Ward, Ben Collins, Gareth Peirce and Garin Garland, are Jay Thompson (Supermarine) and Ben Scott (Trowbridge).

Minety 1st XV sit in 7th place in the table, 5 points behind 6th placed Trowbridge and 12 above 8th placed Sutton Benger.

Minety are 35 points behind league leaders Combe Down and 34 points above the bottom team Supermarine.

Minety have scored 55 more league points than they have conceded, gaining 6 Try Bonus points (for scoring 4 or more tries in a game) and 3 Losing Bonus points (for being narrowly beaten).

Benjamin (call me Benny) is now headed for a darkened room with a large glass of a single malt!


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