Stat Attack!

Another meander through the stats this week after the nailbiting loss to Combe Down on Saturday.

Up until Saturday Combe Down’s league record read “Played 4, Won 4. Points For 182, Points Against 10.

Up until Saturday Combe Down were averaging 45 points in each game whilst conceding on average 2.5 points.

By half time on Saturday Minety had scored almost twice as many points against Combe Down than they had conceded in the other 4 games.

Ash Windle became the 29th player to appear for the 1st XV in 5 league matches this year (shows the potential strength of the squad)

Tom Claxton, Garin Garland, Adam Watts and Ben Langridge are the only “ever presents” this season.

13 different players have scored at least one try for the 1st XV in the 5 league matches played this season.

11 ex Academy players have played at least one match for the 1st XV this season.

Garin Garland is the top scorer for Minety this season with 71 points thus far.  He’s averaging over 14 points per game.

Two Minety 1st XV players have spent time in Vietnam in October!  Ash Windle returned from his “World Tour” just as Dave Cooke was setting off for Hanoi and the Far East.

Only three yellow cards have been shown to Minety players this season, and none in the last two matches.

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Benjamin Disraeli