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Stat Attack!

Another meander through the stats, the product of a sad mind!  But here, for those who haven’t drifted off to sleep already, are some interesting (?) stats from Saturday.

  1. James Stuart became the 30th player to appear for Minety 1st XV in 6 league matches this season.

  2. Garin Garland and Tom Claxton are the only ever present players this season.

  3. Garin’s 8 points in the game take him to 79 for the season out of 169 scored by the team.

  4. Garin has scored 47% of the points this season for the 1st XV.

  5. Minety conceded their 100th point this season against Bradford.  Over 6 matches that works out at 17 per game.

  6. In the same game Minety scored their 169th point.  Over 6 matches that works out at 28 per game.

  7. Minety are 5th in the league and are the 5th top scorers.

  8. Minety have “won” more losing bonus points than any other team in the league (so defeats have been very small ones).

  9. We are the only team thus far to deny Bradford a Try bonus point.

  10. Bradford’s winning margins thus far have been: Trowbridge 33; Chippenham 52; Swindon 81; Melksham 25; Pewsey 37: and Minety 5!

  11. Given that the camera that films all Minety matches is paused when play stops (formation of scrums, lineouts etc.) the average 80 minute game equates to approximately 36 minutes of actual open play.  The better the game (the more flowing), the longer the film; the worse (more fractured and fractious), the shorter.  Saturday’s match at Bradford actually has 45 minutes of open play (good match).  The lowest on record was just 27 minutes for a match at Colerne in 2015 / 2016.

  12. It took 4 minutes before the ball left the Bradford half of the pitch on Saturday.

  13. 1st half open play accounted for about 22 minutes of filming, with 15 minutes spent in the Bardford half.  That’s a territorial advantage of 68% for Minety.  Territory doesn’t equate to points but it does show how commited the team were.

  14. Yellow card offences accounted for 54 minutes of the 80 minutes played.  That means that Minety were reduced to 14 (13 at one stage) for 67% of the game.

But remember, there are “Lies, damned lies and statistics!”


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