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Stat Attack!

More musings and ramblings from an addled mind!

i).  Players 31 (Dale Langdown) and 32 (Danny Wilson) make their debut for the 1st XV in just 8 matches!

ii). Saturday’s defeat at Trowbridge was only the 2nd time this season that Minety 1st XV have failed to reach double points (1st time was at Bradford on Avon).

iii). The last ever present player missed Saturday’s reversal – captain Tom Claxton.

iv).  As a consequence, no player has played in every match in D&W1N this season.

v).  Saturday was only the 4th time (out of 8) that we’ve actually had 18 players available for 1st team duty.

vi).  We saw the first successful drop goal in a Minety 1st XV match this season (by the Trowbridge fly half).

vii).  It was only the 2nd time in the 7 matches he’s played, that Garin Garland has not been top scorer.

viii). On a positive note, Minety 1st XV kept up their record of having scored at least one try in every league match this season.

ix).  Garin’s 3 points take him to 82 for the season.

x).  Matt Roberts and Dave Cooke are tied 2nd top scorers with 15 points each.

xi).  Ben Langridge doubled his try count for the season on Saturday.

xii).  14 players have scored points for the 1st XV this season in 8 completed matches.

xiii). Despite the loss, Minety 1st XV remain in 5th place, 10 points above 6th placed Supermarine but 9 below 4th placed Avonvale.

xiv).  Minety are one of only 5 teams (out of 12) with a positive points for / points against record. (+54)

xv).  Chippenham (7th placed with 12 league points) and Melksham (8th with 11) have scored more points than Minety thus far.

xvi). In D&W3N Chippenham 60-10 win at Melksham leap frogs them above Minety into 5th place in the table.

xvii) In D&W3N Minety lie in 6th place but are only one of 3 teams to score more than 200 points this season.

But remember Disraeli’s words!


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