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Stat Attack

Benny, our tame statistician, is often asked about the number of appearances that players have made this season. As we welcomed Tom Waldron to the list, after his appearance against Combe Down last Saturday, we can now confirm that 45 different players have represented the 1st XV this season – enough for three whole teams! Benny has ploughed through the stats and has produced this table showing appearances thus far, including the Vase competition but not including pre season friendlies. Mark Glew and Chris Rule top the list, having been on the team sheet and playing in 20 of our 21 matches (appearance percentages of 95.24%) included in these statistics. Here is the full list (errors and ommisions not accepted!!)Glew, Mark2095.24%Rule, Chris2095.24%Howse, Jack1990.48%Hibbard, Andrew1885.71%Scott, Ben1885.71%French, Colin1780.95%Stone, Matt1780.95%Claxton, Tom1676.19%Collins, Ben1466.67%Cooke, Dave1466.67%Darrell, Andy1361.90%Langridge, Ben1361.90%Tillotsen, Kieran1361.90%Thompson, Jay1257.14%Garland, Garin1152.38%Hughes, Sam1152.38%Hinwood, Rob1047.62%Simpson, Duncan942.86%Murray, Del838.10%Peirce, Gareth838.10%Windle, Ash838.10%Aubrey, Morgan733.33%Smith, Cameron733.33%Ward, Jack733.33%McAllister, Tom523.81%Sellick, Ben523.81%Coleman, Bram419.05%Nicksen, James419.05%Ward, Phil419.05%White, Steve419.05%Chisholm, Matt314.29%Park, Matt314.29%Stuart, James314.29%Church, Dave29.52%Crisp, Will29.52%Mason, Will29.52%Roberts, Matt29.52%Wilson, Steve29.52%Cross, Matt14.76%Leong, Jonathan14.76%Lockwood, Ned14.76%Thomas, Gareth14.76%Trinder, Sam14.76%Waldron, Tom14.76%Wright, Ken14.76%


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