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Stat Attack!

Benny Disraeli, our Stat guru

Someone suggested to me at the weekend that the only thing worth reading on the site was “Stat Attack”. Hurt beyond belief, I mentioned this to resident statistics guru Benny, and lo and behold, a new Stat Attack has just been couriered to me.

When Dan Wilson came on as a replacement on Saturday he became the 48th player to wear a Minety 1st XV shirt this season.

Here is the full list showing names, number of appeareances out of 23 games played and percentage of appearances.Glew, Mark2295.65%Rule, Chris2295.65%Hibbard, Andrew2086.96%Howse, Jack2086.96%Scott, Ben2086.96%French, Colin1982.61%Claxton, Tom1878.26%Stone, Matt1878.26%Collins, Ben1565.22%Cooke, Dave1565.22%Darrell, Andy1460.87%Langridge, Ben1356.52%Tillotsen, Kieran1356.52%Garland, Garin1252.17%Hughes, Sam1252.17%Thompson, Jay1252.17%Hinwood, Rob1147.83%Simpson, Duncan1043.48%Murray, Del939.13%Aubrey, Morgan834.78%Peirce, Gareth834.78%Smith, Cameron834.78%Windle, Ash834.78%Ward, Jack730.43%Chisholm, Matt521.74%Coleman, Bram521.74%McAllister, Tom521.74%Park, Matt521.74%Sellick, Ben521.74%Nicksen, James417.39%Ward, Phil417.39%White, Steve417.39%Roberts, Matt313.04%Stuart, James313.04%Church, Dave28.70%Crisp, Will28.70%Mason, Will28.70%Scott, Mike28.70%Trinder, Sam28.70%Waldron, Tom28.70%Wilson, Steve28.70%Cross, Matt14.35%Leong, Jonathan14.35%Lockwood, Ned14.35%Seaton, Will14.35%Thomas, Gareth14.35%Wilson, Dan14.35%Wright, Ken14.35%

In all matches, including cup ties, Minety have scored 560 points. Top points scorer, despite being injured for some time, is still Garin Garland with 129 (23%) with Sam Hughes in 2nd place with 79 (14%) and Jack Ward 3rd with 51 (9.1%).

Andrew Hibbard and Jack Howse top the try scoring lists with 10 each of the 76 tries scored. Garin Garland has 9 while Sam Hughes has 8.

18 different players have scored a try for the 1st XV this season.

71% of the tries have been successfully converted. Garin tops the conversion charts with 24 while Sam Hughes and jack Ward have 12 apiece.

23 penalties have been successfully kicked with Garin again at the top with 12 followed by Jack Ward with 4.

On the “naughty step” we presently have 10 players who have picked up a total of 11 yellow cards and 1 red this season.

Always a popular stat: amazingly we have a three way tie for the most players with surnames beginning with a particular letters. 8 players whose surname begins with C are now tied with 8 with surnames starting with S and 8 more starting with W.

The longest continuous run of appearances foes to Chris Rule, who has been an ever present since the 3rd game of the season, a total of 21 games in a row. Mark Glew has appeared in the last 18 lineups.

We need just two more players to make their season debuts on Saturday and we’ll have a half century! Benny is dusting off his boots as we speak!


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