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Seli Meakin

Sad news – Seli Meakin, wife of Richard (Dick) Meakin, died at home on Saturday night after a fairly short (two months) illness.  Minety RFC’s sympathy goes to the girls, Jo, Linda, Carolyn and Christine.

Should anyone who knew Seli or Dick wish to write, the address is: Mrs L Meakin,  Derryside, Station Road, Minety. SN16 9QY

We’ll let you know about the funeral when the plans have been made.

Dick Meakin was one of the founding fathers of Minety RFC.  His brilliant account of the early days can be found someway down our History page.  It begins:

The history of Minety Rugby Football Club

by Richard G Meakin

Episode 1: In the Beginning

The first that I heard of starting a rugby club in Minety was when I was approached one evening in my own home by an enthusiastic group of men. They were Chris Goddard, Clive Gardiner, Rod Manners and Roger Smith. The question they put to me was, “Dick, do you think we could find enough men in Minety to form a rugby team?”


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