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Rugby Club v MPFA Committee

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Skinner duo scatter skittles

Rugby Club 278 – MPFA Committee 226

Rugby club won 9-6

The rugby club were as delighted as they were surprised to beat the MPFA Committee at skittles.

Despite the obvious motivation, the Rugby Club proved woefully ineffectual in the beer rounds, but pulled ahead in the overall competition thanks to solid bowling from all members of the team and some inspired skittling by the father and son duo of Stacey and Gabriel Skinner. In the end, Gabriel outdid his dad, bowling a remarkable 44 to become the top scorer in the league so far this season.

Josh Vaggs put in a sterling performance as both a team member and putter-upper and our club treasurer Kevin Holdway finished the evening with a storming series of seven pointers. (We’ll pass over his earlier rounds without comment.)

Guest Steve Minto showed us all how to bowl consistently well, coach Huw Jones looked remarkably as if he knew what he was doing, and skipper Mark Turner sportingly turned in the lowest score of the team to save the Press Officer’s blushes.

The Rugby Club’s individual scores were as follows:

  1. Steve Minto 36

  2. Josh Vaggs 34

  3. Stacey Skinner 39

  4. Nigel Price 30

  5. Kevin Holdway 33

  6. Huw Jones 35

  7. Gabriel Skinner 44

  8. Mark Turner (Captain) 27

The Rugby Club’s next skittles fixture is at 8 pm on FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER at the Clubhouse.

If you want to be a part of this season’s only undefeated Minety RFC team, contact:

Tim Vaughan 07771-747068


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