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Provisional Fixtures 2020/21

D&W1N = Dorset & Wilts Division 1 North

Kick off times: 3pm (2.30pm between 30th October and 26th March) nb. December & January 2pm kick off.

Minety score is given first.

“Con” = Conceded. “HWO” / “AWO” = Home / Away Walkover. “P” = PostponedDateLeague / Cup1st XVH/AResultScore League / Cup2nd XVH/AResultScore26th SeptD&W1NRoyal Wootton Bassett IIA 3rd OctD&W1N/CupSutton BengerH 10th OctD&W1NSwindon IIA 17th OctD&W1NMarlborough IIH 24th OctD&W1NCalneA 31st OctD&W1NSutton BengerA 7th Nov 14th NovD&W1NSwindon IIH 21st NovD&W1NMarlborough IIA 28th NovD&W1NCalneH 5th DecD&W1NRoyal Wootton Bassett IIH Week 11 Melksham A Week 12 Frome IIH Week 13 Chippenham IIA Week 14 WestburyH Week 15 WarminsterA Week 16 Trowbridge IIH Week 17 Frome IIA Week 18 MelkshamH Week 19 WestburyA Week 20 Chippenham IIH Week 21 Trowbridge IIA Week 22 WarminsterH


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