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Player Stats

9 matches into D&W1N and we have used 32 different players with no player featuring in every game.  Here’s the breakdown, including replacement appearances:

8 Appearances:  Tom Claxton, Colin FRench, Garin Garland, Andrew Hibbard and Ben Scott

7 Appearances:  Mark Glew, Ben Langridge, Chris Rule, Adam Watts and Town Windle

6 Appearances:  Nick Britten, Josh Bull, Ben Collins and Rob Hinwood

5 Appearances:  Dave Cooke, Jack Howse, Matt Roberts, Duncan Simpson and Ash Windle

4 Appearances:  Dave Church and Tom McAllister

3 Appearances:  River Burton, Ben Sellick, James Stuart, Gareth Thomas and Kieran Tillotsen

2 Appearances:  Matt Chisholm and Jack Ward

1 Appearance:  Elis Garland, Dale Langdown, Del Murray and Dan Wilson

In the 9 matches we’ve scored 203 points, averaging 22.5 per game

90 points:  Garin Garland

20 points:  Dave Cooke

15 points:  Matt Roberts

10 points:  Josh Bull, Elis Garland, Andrew Hibbard and Ben Langridge

8 points:  Tom McAllister

5 points:  Tom Windle, Duncan Simpson, Tom Claxton, Colin French and Adam Watts


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