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New kit for 2016 / 17 season

We are delighted to announce that we have finalised the playing kits for this season with Raging Bull.  Thanks to the hard work of Dave Church, the new kit, shown below, will hearken back to the early days of Minety RFC, with a white stripe added to the Green and Purple.


A bit of history behind the shirts taken from the Website and Richard G Meakin’s information –Club Colours

“Our change from white to green and purple took place in our third season. The need to change was forced on us by the ragged and tattered state of our white shirts. Some, by now, had no sleeves and the replacement of single shirts was gaining momentum. Having had the experience of two seasons of noting the other clubs’ colours, and not being in a position to change, should a visiting team have the same colour, we agreed in committee to go for something very different. Green was generally light, and purple was agreed to when I had made it known that I had some old purple paint with which to paint the crossbars!

The shirts were bought and I remember our great pride when we first wore them. At last we had our own distinctive strip.”

So the white in the new 2016/2017 shirts has been added as part of the heritage to MRFC.


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