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Minety players in unexpected places

Tonight Movies@Malmesbury, your local cinema, will be screening the historical blockbuster “Mary Queen of Scots” at 8pm (repeated on Friday at 2pm). Amongst the stars, Margot Robie and Saoirse (pronounced Sorcha) Ronan is a member of the Minety back line.

It’s a brief appearance, but given it’s been seen by millions around the world, it’s worth a mention here.

The bowing courtier on right of this screenshot from the film’s trailer was last seen wearing the Number 14 shirt on Saturday in Minety’s marvellous victory over Chippenham … Dave Cooke. We’re not sure how much of the history he absorbed during his two days of filming but he did report that Ms Robbie, here playing Queen Elizabeth under layers of makeup, is very nice indeed!


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