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In the most unusual settings (2)

A couple of weeks ago we launched a new feature entitled “In the most unsual settings”.  Minety players do appear in the most unsual of settings away from the rugby pitch.

In our first feature we highlighted flanker Rob Hinwood’s appearance in a recent epsiode of Poldark.

But we can do better!  No longer are we limited to the “small screen”; let’s go for all out Hollywood blockbuster.

In the picture above, taken from the official trailer for “Mary Queen of Scots” (out in cinemas, including Movies@Malmesbury soon) Miss Margot Robbie appears on the left under heavy makeup as Elizabeth 1st while the chap on the right, bowing his head, seems vaguely familiar!

Yes, step forward our 1st XV winger Dave Cooke.

But it doesn’t end there.  Watch out for further appearances of Minety players in, amongst others, more episodes of Poldark, on the big screen in “The Festival” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” and, in the new year, in “Hell Boy 3”.


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