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Draining our resources…

Tim and Tom shovel gravel

Among other jobs, the hedge in the car park was trimmed and the borders re-edged, the equipment hut was re-organised, power and light were laid on to the storage container and drainage ditches and soak-aways were dug into the practice area by the tennis courts.

The photographs here show the construction of a new drainage ditch and soak-away at the entrance to the Nigel Bishop Memorial Ground. While JB supervised the project, Gareth Dyer dug the ditch with the mechanical digger while others, including Dave Church, Tom Fitzcharles, Tim Vaughan, Cliff Garland and Peter McAllister, helped to lay drainage pipes and shovel gravel into the trench.

Drainage ditch work

A big thanks to Cliff for organising the working party and the catering, to JB for buying the gravel and managing the project, and to everyone who came along to help.

Thanks, guys!

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