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Day of Fun reminder

The bus is booked and the route finalised for next weekend’s games v Bradford on Avon and Frome:

-Leaving the club no later than 11:15am

-Stopping at Malmesbury police station bus stop at 11:30ish

-Stopping at Morrisons Chippenham bus stop 12:00ish

The 1st team will return to Bradford on Avon after their game to join the 2nds for a few jars before moseying on back towards home. The bus has to be back at Mintey no later than 22:00hrs so I’m sure we can visit a few watering holes on the way home.

Seats will be reserved for players until Wednesday when they will be opened up to the travelling drunkerds/anyone who fancies a day out!

Can you please let us know on here or let your captains know if you would like to board the fun bus.

Many thanks,


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