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D&W Vase 2020

Minety have been given a Bye in the first round of the Cup and have been drawn against Sutton Benger in the quarter final. The match will be played at Minety and will run alongside the league match between the two teams. If, at the end of the match, the scores are tied, a draw will be recorded in the league table and records and extra time will be played to decide who will move into the Vase semi final.

The league has issued the following statement:

“At the moment there is considerable uncertainty about how the season will pan out but you should be aware by now of the provisional plan put in place by the RFU for league rugby which has divided leagues into local “conferences” playing home and away before the teams in the other half of the league are played. Broadly our draws for Dorset & Wilts knock outs for 2020-21 reflect localities, North in the top half and Central/South in the bottom half leading to North v South finals. If a Cup game is also a league fixture in the event of the points being equal at full time then extra time is played only in respect of the Cup tie. The number of replacements in any Cup tie except the Final will be limited to 3 in order to fit with league regulation. Unlimited de-regulation does not apply. League matches take precedence over D&W cup games.

“1st XVs. Where possible early rounds of our knock outs are to be decided on the first league fixture in the conference or subsequent league fixture between 2 teams at whichever venue the league fixture is assigned to be played. Since the RFU 1st XV knock outs (Intermediate Cup, Senior & Junior Vase) are not taking place this means it should be possible to find the opportunity to play semi-finals and finals between teams in different conferences or leagues before the end of the season. This may be extended into May. 27.”

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