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Butler’s Bar

On Saturday 6th April Minety RFC celebrated the huge contribution that John Butler (JB) has made to the club. Some people even claim that without JB there would no club now. Whatever the case, JB’s contribution to Minety RFC has been monumental, whether it be as a gritty forward “back in the day”; as the person who laid the bricks for the club house; as the man who maintains all the equipment; the man who marks out the pitches; the man who cuts and maintains the pitches; the “go to” man in the event of a minor problem or a major catastrophe.

Every club needs a JB; we are so lucky we have the orginal here at Minety.

The Bar at Minety is now known as “Butler’s Bar”.

A proud man!

Dave Peirce was the driving force behind the naming of the bar and hosted the naming ceremony, carried out officially by John’s lovely wife. Film of the event, for those unlucky enough not to be at the club house on Saturday, will be posted on here later in the week.

For now, we leave you with a little competition: which one of the two photographs is grammatically correct and which one was fixed to the wall on Saturday. Answers on a post card to Dave Peirce, Chairman of the Minety Branch of the Apostrophe Association!


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