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A try, or not a try! That is the question

The answer is clearly, it is a try when the referee deems it a try, but sometimes it’s not so clear cut. In an age when the VAR controversy rages through football and critics claim that the much smoother and efficient rugby referral system is still too slow and prone to some inaccuracies, they say the camera never lies. Well, we all know that’s a fallacy, but in this case it presents an interesting view.

In last week’s match against Marlborough, Minety were chasing a losing bonus point and a 4 try bonus point as they endeavour to climb clear of the relegation slots. The match report states that after a period of sustained pressure the ball was thrown out to the right, the move ending when “Cooke’s desperate lunge for the line was marginally short.” A try then, and a kick from almost in front of the posts would have secured both bonus points.

The referee decided it wasn’t a try and video evidence from MTV is obscured, but then there is the long lens of Matt “Paparazzi” Stone.

This is what he captured just before the ball was dislodged from Cooke’s hands. Make up your own minds.


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