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7’s: Final arrangments

Many thanks to all those who came over to the clubhouse last night to listen to the plans for the 7s tournament (this weekend). Lots of very positive suggestions, which we’ve been able to add in to the plans, and a very pleasant evening all round.

For those coming along to help set up on Friday, we shall begin at 10.30am and work on until it’s ready. If you can join us for an hour or so, or even more, you’ll be more than welcome.

On Saturday we will begin gathering from 8am. The event starts formally at 10.30am but willing (and unwilling) helpers would be more than welcome. We hope to get as much tidied up as possible after the final. The club house will open just before 5pm for those who want to watch the F A Cup Final and enjoy a drink or three!

On Sunday we’ll start the final clear up at around 10am.

Even if you’re not playing, come along, join the fun and help us to make this a success.


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