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2019 Minety 7s Tournament

The 2019 Minety 7’s tournament was won by the HORUS team from the RAF who defeated Team Osiris, made up of players from Swindon, Nationwide and the RAF in a tense and thrilling final at the end of a hugely enjoyable day.

15 teams entered the competition, competing across three qualification pools, with the top teams from each pool qualifying for the Main Competition Semi Finals together with the top 2nd placed team. The next two best 2nd placed teams and the best third placed team qualified for the semi finals of the “Oh So Nearly” competition.

With three points for a win and 1 for a draw, the competition was fierce, made even more competitive by the fact that in the event of a tie, the team who had the highest average score across their group games would qualify. This rule meant that the result of the final match of the qualification actually determined who would make the two sets of semifinals with 10 teams still in contention.

The Oh So Nearly Cup winners were Marlborough 1st who narrowly defeated Sutton Benger.

The 2019 Minety 7’s Tournament Roll of Honour

Main Competition Winners: Horus

Main Competition Runners Up: Osiris

Oh So Nearly Cup Winners: Marlborough 1st

Oh So Nearly Runners Up: Sutton Benger

Group A Qualification Pool11.00amMarlborough 1’sMinety21:1411.15amSwindonOsiris17:2111.45amMarlborough 1’sOsiris21:1912.15pmHenry’s HeroesMinety5:2612.45pmMinetyOsiris7:331pmHenry’s HeroesSwindon0:491.30pmSwindonMinety12:71.45pmHenry’s HeroesMarlborough 1’s10:312.15pmOsirisHenry’s Heroes52:02.30pmSwindonMarlborough 1’s19:14

Group A Table GPWDLPFPAPDPTSPF Av.Osiris43011254580931.25Swindon4301974255924.25Marlborough 1’s4301876225921.75Minety41035471-17313.5Henry’s Heroes400415158-14303.75

Nb. PF Av. is the average points scored over the matches played and was used as a tie breaker.

Group B Qualification Pool11.00amSpitfiresDreamers68:011.30amHorusTetbury19:511.45amSpitfiresChippenham21:1412.15pmTetburyDreamers28:512.30pmSpitfiresHorus38:012.45pmDreamersChippenham5:381.15pmChippenhamHorus14:401.45pmTetburySpitfires0:222pmDreamersHorus0:472.15pmChippenhamTetbury40:0

Group B Table GPWDLGFGAGDPTSPF Av.Spitfires4400149141351237.25Horus43011065749926.5Chippenham42021066640626.5Tetbury41033386-5338.25Dreamers400410181-17102.5

Group C Qualification Pool11.00amMinchinhamptonPhysio’s Fatties45:011.30amBradford on AvonMarlborough 2’s28:1911.45amMinchinhamptonSutton Benger21:1412.15pmMarlborough 2’sPhysio’s Fatties29:512.30pmMinchinhamptonBradford on Avon12:712.45pmPhysio’s FattiesSutton Benger7:351.15pmSutton BengerBradford on Avon19:191.45pmMarlborough 2’sMinchinhampton14:192pmPhysio’s FattiesBradford on Avon7:422.15pmSutton BengerMarlborough 2’s28:14

Group C Table GPWDLGFGAGDPTSPF Av.Minchinhampton44009735621224.25Bradford on Avon4211965739724Sutton Benger4211966135724Marlborough 2’s41037680-4319Physio’s Fatties400419151-13204.75

Semi Finals:

Main Competition: Spitfires (Group B Winners) v. Horus (Best performing 2nd place team)

Osiris (Group A Winners) v. Minchinhampton (Group C Winners)

Oh So Nearly: Swindon (equal 2nd in Group A) v. Marlborough 1’s (equal 2nd in group A)

Bradford on Avon (equal 2nd in Group C) v. Sutton Benger (equal 2nd in Group C)

Semi Final Results:

Main Competition: Horus defeated Spitfires 21:17 and Orsiris defeated Minchinhampton 14:12

Oh So Nearly: Marlborough 1’s defeated Swindon and Sutton Benger defeated Bradford on Avon

Final Results:

Oh So Nearly Cup Final:

Marlborough 1st defeated Sutton Benger

Main Competition Cup Final:

Horus defeated Osiris

Many thanks to the huge number of people who made the event possible and apologies if we have left anyone out.

Thanks to the referees ( James Irvine, Euan Black, David Ware, Ross Walker and Matt Wray) and to Damian Dix at Dorset and Wilts for organising the officials for us.

Thanks to those who helped set up on Friday (Cliff Garland, Peter McAllister, Andrew O’Dell, Tom Claxton, James Irvine, John Butler, Dave and Jo Peirce, Ben Collins, Ali Freeman, Matt Stone and others)

Thanks to the Bar Staff (Tom Claxton and Andrew O’Dell)

Thansks to the Bar B Q staff (Dave Peirce, Steve Murray, Andy Edwards and James Stuart)

Thanks to Jo and Ali for the tea, cake and coffee stand.

Thanks to Andy Grayson for the Token selling and for assisting with the raffle and 200 club draw.

Thanks to JB and Craig Smith for the power supplies.

Thanks again to JB for perparing 3 immaculately prepared pitches.

Thanks to Kevin Holdway for the floats and also purchasing all the consumables.

Thanks to Andrews Quality Meats of Highworth for the burgers and sausages and The Old Bakehouse in Malmnesbury for the baps and rolls.

Thanks to the sponsors of beer and wine.

Thanks to all those people who donated raffle prizes.

Thanks to Georgina and Craig from Star Medical for their on site physio support and to Hollie Bailey from Star Medical who organised the cover.

Thanks to the team who tidied up on Sunday morning: Andrew O’Dell, JB, Cliff, Peter, Ali, Jo, Dave, Alison, Tom, Ben, Dave Church and family, Chris and others.

Thank you to all the teams who came along and who played with such enthusiasm throughout the day and to all the spectators who came along to support the teams and the tournament.

Huge thanks to Tom Claxton who made it all happen – brilliant job Tom!

We’ll be back in 2020 – look out for the date, to be announced soon.


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