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2017 Tournament Results

Match 1. Just heard from our correspondent, Cliff Garland, that Minety have started their campaign with a solid draw against Richmondshire, 3 – 3.

No news from the early morning “court” proceedings as yet.

Match 2. Minety 3 Brambley 1. Not sure what the scoring rules are but it looks as if it’s one point for each try scored. Will try to get confirmation of this from Cliff.

Hydration is vitally important between matches. Our esteemed chairman demonstrates that above!

Latest from Cliff. Minety have adopted a “no kicking” policy for their matches so far and the scoring is one point for each try scored.

Match 3. Minety 3 Babas 1. Try scorers Dave Cooke, Tom McAllister and Josh Bull.

Latest news: Minety bow out of the tournament at the semi final stage, losing to Acklam 3 – 1, having won their qualifying pool. We’ll try and get a reaction from the team.

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