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2016 RBS 6 Nations International Tickets

If you are interested in tickets to see the following England Internationals then please apply in writing with the appropriate payment to Andy Edwards.

Application address

28 Cullerne Close, Ewell, Epsom, Surrey. KT17 1XY

You application should state the following:

i) Which game/games you are applying for.

ii) How many ticket per game you would like and there individual cost.

iii) Your contact details: address and contact telephone number.

iv) You should include a CHEQUE for the full ticket amount you are applying for, payable to Minety RFC

v) Please indicate if you would accept ticket below or above the ticket value you are applying for.

vi) If you are applying for more than 1 ticket then please indicate the minimum number of tickets you would accept if Minety’s ticket allocation is over subscribed and we can not meet you full requirement.

Scotland v England 6th February 2016 Kick off 16.50

Ticket choices: £65

Italy v England 14th February 2016 Kick off 15.00

Ticket choices: £41

England v Ireland 27th February 2016 Kick off 16.50

Ticket choices: £89, £76 and £63

England v Wales 12th March 2016 Kick off 16.00

Ticket choices: £85, £72 and £62

Franve v England 19th March 2016 Kick off 21.00

Ticket choices:£85

Application closing date 10th January 2016

No application will be accepted from a non member or without payment.


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