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Vase Final Squad Named

Coach Andy Grayson has named his 22 man squad for today’s D&W Vase Final at Salisbury.

Thank you to everyone who made themselves available for selection this week. It has been a difficult decision to select our squad; we could only pick 22 players.

1. Tom Claxton 2. Andrew Hibbard 3. Cameron Smith 4. Colin French 5. Andy Darrall 6. Mark Glew 7. Kieran Tillotson 8. Del Murray 9. Ben Sellick 10. Jay Thomson 11. Garin Garland 12. Tom McAllister 13. Jack Ward 14. Chris Rule 15. Jack Howse 16. Dave Cooke 17. Ben Langridge 18. Matt Stone 19. Duncan Simpson 20. Ben Scott 21. Ben Collins 22. Ash Windle

The squad will meet 10.30am at Minety for Bacon Rolls and coffee, with the bus leaving 11am promptly.


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