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Rob Bugden

We would imagine that everyone associated with the club knows the affection and admiration that we all hold for our good friend Rob Bugden.  As such it was great to spend some time with him in the club house after the Avonvale match.

“It’s always great to be back at Minety with all of the friendly faces. I enjoyed the match and what a start it was.  A great try from Matt Roberts in the first few minutes but then we had to defend that lead against a really good team and I think the lads can be proud of the fact that they came away with a win.”

So what’s Rob been up to recently.  “Well at this moment I’m recovering from a really bad hangover.  I felt a bit poorly earlier on but I feeling much better now; all that fresh air and a win for the boys does wonders for a hangover.  But other than that, I’m doing as much re-hab as I can to get the body back as quickly as I can.  I’ve got a short break but then it’s back to Headley Court up until Christmas and hope to get down here again in the not too distant future.”

So how do the days pan out when Rob’s at Headley Court?  “That’s a good question. Normally, I do what needs doing in the morning – I won’t go into the details of all that – but then I’m in occupational therapy and the gym from 10am until 5pom each day and then, after all of that, I spend most of the evening asleep, recovering from one day and preparing for the next.”

Given how driven Rob is, surely it’s only a matter of time before we see him at the Paralympics or the Invictus Games?  “I’d love to do either and I keeping my options open.  I’ve registered my formal interest in the Invictus Games, mainly because I fancy a trip to Australia.  It’s definitely in the pipeline but we’ll just have to see.  I don’t mind what I have a go at, fencing or swimming or wheel chair rugby or basketball.  I wouldn’t mind taking part in a sport that is over and done with after the first few days so I could really enjoy the rest of the games.”

He’s a real inspiration to us all and we look forward to seeing him back at Minety as soon as he can manage it.  Cheers Rob!

(Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court, formerly RAF Headley Court, is an 85-acre United Kingdom Ministry of Defence facility in Headley, near Epsom, Surrey, England)


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