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June update

With the restrictions still largely in place, the club is effectively dormant, other than the weekly Zoom meetings between players and coaching staff.

Chairman Jack Ward has indicated that a Zoom based committee meeting will be held in mid July with the club AGM to be held at the end of July. If restrictions are still in place, then this will also be organised via Zoom.

Whilst it has been a challenge managing the club during “lockdown”, it will be even more of a challenge bringing it out of “lockdown” and preparing it for whatever comes next. The club needs nominations for committee roles as soon as possible. We are looking for active members of the club, playing or non playing, who are willing to contribute additional efforts and skills to guide the club through the times ahead. Could you be that person?

So far, these are the nominations received:

[table id=23 /]

If you feel that you could contribute towards the management of our wonderful club, please contact Peter McAllister or Jack Ward (details on the contacts page of this site), as soon as possible.


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