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Anton – our extra man

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We write a lot about the players at Minety but not so much about the people behind the scenes who help make the club the success that it undoubtedly is.  Today we feature one man who has made an enormous impact upon the club in just 4 months, our sports therapist Anton Sieluzyci from Star Medical, based in Wootton Bassett.

Anton has been working with the club since pre season this year and has already become a very popular figure at the club.  We caught up with him between player treatments on Tuesday night at training to find out a little bit more about the man with the medical bag.

“I was born in Swindon and attended Commonweal School in Swindon, up in Old Town.  My main sport over the years has been American Football.  I’m a huge fan and spent 5 or 6 years playing for the Swindon Storm American Football Team.

“Now my main participatory sports interest is in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  It’s a bit like Graeco Roman wrestling; all of the action is floor based and it involves wrestling, choking holds, grappling etc.

“I have to say that I wasn’t that interested in sport at school.  I did Karate for 9 years between the ages of 11 and 20 but only did the obligatory 6 weeks of rugby during my time there.  There were no teams so I didn’t take it any further.  Out of school, and after I had finished at school, I spent a lot of time in the gymnansium, working on my fitness.  During this time I took a Personal Training Qualification.  That was OK for a time but I soon realised that I wanted to learn more so, at the age of 24 I got a degree in Sports Therapy from the University of Gloucestershire, commuting each day from my home in Swindon.

“At present I work for Star Medical out of the Link Centre in Swinon.  Most of my time is spent with sports therapy, injury assessment and treatment and then rehabilitation.  I also work with the Academy squad at Swindon Town FC and, of course, with Minety RFC.

“I’d driven through Minety before but had never stopped at the rugby club so, when Star asked me to work with Minety it was a new challenge in a new environment.  I’ve been working with the club for 3 or 4 months now and it is a really nice and friendly club with a good family atmosphere.  I’ve felt really welcome here, perhaps the most welcomed I’ve felt at any club that I’ve worked with.

“Working with a relatively small club like Minety does bring its own challenges.  It’s a small club but it does have a high turnover of players and my main concern is to make sure that players are fit and ready to return to playing after an injury.  It’s an amateur club so it’s also important that, as far as possible, all the players can get to work fit and healthy on the Monday after a game of rugby at the weekend.

“So many people have asked if I’d like to swap the therapist’s bag for a rugby shirt sometime and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t tempted.  We’ll just have to see.

“In the future I’d like to build up my client base in the clinic work, which I really enjoy.  I may look to go back to professional sport.  I did a full year with Swindon Town FC.  It was high pressure but a good challenge.”

We ended our chat with a question that I’ll be asking others at the club in future (so get your answers sorted in advance).  If you had the chance to see your favourite band, anywhere in the world, who would they be, and where would the concert be?

“Oh goodness, that’s a tough one.  I think it would have to be The Killers and it would be really cool to see them in San Fransisco or Las Vegas.”

Cheers Anton!

Written by Graham Cooke

November 18th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Stat Attack!

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More musings and ramblings from an addled mind!

i).  Players 31 (Dale Langdown) and 32 (Danny Wilson) make their debut for the 1st XV in just 8 matches!

ii). Saturday’s defeat at Trowbridge was only the 2nd time this season that Minety 1st XV have failed to reach double points (1st time was at Bradford on Avon).

iii). The last ever present player missed Saturday’s reversal – captain Tom Claxton.

iv).  As a consequence, no player has played in every match in D&W1N this season.

v).  Saturday was only the 4th time (out of 8) that we’ve actually had 18 players available for 1st team duty.

vi).  We saw the first successful drop goal in a Minety 1st XV match this season (by the Trowbridge fly half).

vii).  It was only the 2nd time in the 7 matches he’s played, that Garin Garland has not been top scorer.

viii). On a positive note, Minety 1st XV kept up their record of having scored at least one try in every league match this season.

ix).  Garin’s 3 points take him to 82 for the season.

x).  Matt Roberts and Dave Cooke are tied 2nd top scorers with 15 points each.

xi).  Ben Langridge doubled his try count for the season on Saturday.

xii).  14 players have scored points for the 1st XV this season in 8 completed matches.

xiii). Despite the loss, Minety 1st XV remain in 5th place, 10 points above 6th placed Supermarine but 9 below 4th placed Avonvale.

xiv).  Minety are one of only 5 teams (out of 12) with a positive points for / points against record. (+54)

xv).  Chippenham (7th placed with 12 league points) and Melksham (8th with 11) have scored more points than Minety thus far.

xvi). In D&W3N Chippenham 60-10 win at Melksham leap frogs them above Minety into 5th place in the table.

xvii) In D&W3N Minety lie in 6th place but are only one of 3 teams to score more than 200 points this season.


But remember Disraeli’s words!


Written by Graham Cooke

November 17th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Results from last weekend

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The 1st XV’s loss at Trowbridge did not alter their position in the league but the gap between Minety, in 5th, and Avonvale, in 4th, is widening and Tom Claxton’s outfit know that nothing less than 3 straight wins between now and the Christmas break will be necessary for them to bridge that gap and put pressure on the leading teams. Bradford on Avon maintained their position at the top of the table but have two massive away fixtures in the next three weeks, first at Combe Down and then at Warminster.

Minety host the unpredictable Chippenham next and then travel to 11th placed Swindon before ending the pre Christmas series with a home match against Melksham, who are uncharacteristcally towards the lower reaches of the table.

The 2nd XV’s loss at Bradford was more damaging; Chippenham’s huge away victory garnered them a bonus point win, enough to take them above Matt Stone’s team. In the next round of fixtures, Corsham travel to 2nd placed Warminster while Trowbridge face Bradford on Avon.  Minety will be looking to overturn Supermarine at home to close the gap and then consolidate their position in a tough away fixture at Corsham the week after.

Written by Graham Cooke

November 16th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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MTV Trowbridge

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Apologies for the delay in posting the video of Saturday’s game at Trowbridge.  You can click on the MTV logo, click here or use the Minety Player option from the side menu to access the game.  So many decisions!


Written by Graham Cooke

November 15th, 2017 at 2:04 pm

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Minety Kit Bags

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We have been able to find a supplier for bespoke Minety kit Bags (see the illustration) in club colours. They will retail at £22 which we believe to be very good value. Players can have up to 3 initials printed in purple, as shown on the end of the bag. The lead in time is rather long, about 15 – 17 weeks so they’ll be more use next season than this, but it is what it is I suppose.

If you would like to place an order, and several players already have, please contact Dave Peirce together with your choice of initials.

Thank you.

Written by Graham Cooke

November 14th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Guest Coaching session

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Minety are delighted to announce that we have a guest coach taking training this Tuesday. Frank Butler is an RFU level 4 coach currently working as Wiltshire’s community rugby coach, having previously run the Bath academy for 10 years. It would be good to see lots of players in attendance at what should be a fascinating and informative session.




Written by Graham Cooke

November 13th, 2017 at 7:59 am

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Minety fail to spark

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Try scorer, Ben Langridge

After a bright opening, which saw centre Tom Windle and winger Chris Rule held up metres from the Trowbridge line, Minety failed to sparkle on a cold and windswept day at Trowbridge, losing, against a team that they would have expected to have beaten, by 24-8.

Minety were on the scoreboard after just two minutes when scrum half Garin Garland stroked home a penalty.

A fumble from the re-start gifted possession back to Trowbridge who showed good pace on the centres and strength on the pack to push Minety back.  They opened their account with a rare drop goal, the first seen in a Minety match this season.

As the game settled down, progress was limited by a combination of good cover tackling and ball handling errors.  Minety’s work was often up the centre with wingers Rule and Langridge forced infield in search of the ball.  Fine defensive work from full back Dale Langdown, making his first appearance of the season, halted a promising Trowbridge back move but much of the rest of the play was bitty and disjointed.

Minety’s set piece at both lineout and scrummage was secure but all too often possession was lost by the third or fourth phase of play and it need a combination of centre Tom Windle and full back Langdown to stop a fine counter attack by the homeside.

With the lineout giving quality possession, Minety pushed up field and only some desperate defensive work kept Rule and Windle out but, despite dominating territory and possession, Minety were unable to add to their score and allowed Trowbridge to play on the counter attack.

Minety ended the half on top but their only reward was a penalty from 30 metres out which drifted wide.

Trowbridge took the lead in the 43rd minute with a fine try.  Having moved the ball across the field from left to right, their outside centre cut back and sliced through the Minety defence.  The conversion took the score to 10-3.

At last Minety discovered some of the form that has troubled all of the top teams in the league this season.  With Garland managing his forwards and centres Windle and Jack Howse driving in midfield, Trowbridge were pushed back into their 22 metre area.  At last a move involving more than 5 phases paid off and winger Langridge crashed over for his second try of the season.  The conversion drifted narrowly wide but the score was back to 10-8.

Minety’s chances of a win were dented in the 55th minute and extinguished just two minutes later.  Missed tackles enabled Trowbridge to break free from their own line and then crucially more were missed in defence allowing the Trowbridge flanker to score.  The conversion was successful.

As Minety pushed forward from the re-start, the ball was intercepted in midfield and Trowbridge’s centre ran in the deciding try from 50 metres.

The village team kept in the game thanks to try saving tackles from Langdown, Rule and fly half Adam Watts and mounted a series of attacks as the game entered the final minutes.  In a move that summed up their game, the Minety forwards and backs combined to move the ball beautifully through several phases only for it to be nudged forward inches from the line.

The squad now has a two week break before returning to league action at home to Chippenham.

In the weekend’s other match, Minety 2nd XV went down 32-14 at Bradford on Avon.


Written by Graham Cooke

November 12th, 2017 at 11:17 am

MTV Avonvale

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The MTV coverage of Saturday 4th November’s D&W1N clash at Minety between Minety and Avonvale is now available from MTV.  Click on this link or use the side menu MInety Player link to access it.

Written by Graham Cooke

November 8th, 2017 at 9:46 am

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Rob Bugden

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We would imagine that everyone associated with the club knows the affection and admiration that we all hold for our good friend Rob Bugden.  As such it was great to spend some time with him in the club house after the Avonvale match.

“It’s always great to be back at Minety with all of the friendly faces. I enjoyed the match and what a start it was.  A great try from Matt Roberts in the first few minutes but then we had to defend that lead against a really good team and I think the lads can be proud of the fact that they came away with a win.”

So what’s Rob been up to recently.  “Well at this moment I’m recovering from a really bad hangover.  I felt a bit poorly earlier on but I feeling much better now; all that fresh air and a win for the boys does wonders for a hangover.  But other than that, I’m doing as much re-hab as I can to get the body back as quickly as I can.  I’ve got a short break but then it’s back to Headley Court up until Christmas and hope to get down here again in the not too distant future.”

So how do the days pan out when Rob’s at Headley Court?  “That’s a good question. Normally, I do what needs doing in the morning – I won’t go into the details of all that – but then I’m in occupational therapy and the gym from 10am until 5pom each day and then, after all of that, I spend most of the evening asleep, recovering from one day and preparing for the next.”

Given how driven Rob is, surely it’s only a matter of time before we see him at the Paralympics or the Invictus Games?  “I’d love to do either and I keeping my options open.  I’ve registered my formal interest in the Invictus Games, mainly because I fancy a trip to Australia.  It’s definitely in the pipeline but we’ll just have to see.  I don’t mind what I have a go at, fencing or swimming or wheel chair rugby or basketball.  I wouldn’t mind taking part in a sport that is over and done with after the first few days so I could really enjoy the rest of the games.”

He’s a real inspiration to us all and we look forward to seeing him back at Minety as soon as he can manage it.  Cheers Rob!

(Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court, formerly RAF Headley Court, is an 85-acre United Kingdom Ministry of Defence facility in Headley, near Epsom, Surrey, England)

Written by Graham Cooke

November 8th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Results from the weekend

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Some interesting results this weekend in both Dorset & Wilts Division 1 and 3 North, with both Minety teams picking up valuable wins at home.


Combe Down’s big win at Supermarine has taken them back to the top of the table as the top three teams, Bradford on Avon shutting out the bottom club Royal Wootton Bassett while Warminster conceded just a single try in a 61-5 win on the road at Swindon.

Minety’s win against 4th place Avonvale was vital, keeping Tom Claxton’s team in touch with those teams breaking away at the top of the table.  The next few weeks should be interesting when the top three play against each other while Minety play only teams from the bottom half of the table.


In  the next three rounds of fixtures, Combe Down travel to Warminster, Bradford travel to Combe Down and then Warminster host Bradford.

Once those fixtures have been completed we should have a better idea as to how the season is panning out.


In Dorset & Wilts Division 3 North, the 2nd XV’s victory over Bath Saracens takes them up to 5th place.


Corsham maintained their lead in the table despite not playing last weekend although Warminster kept up the pressure with a big win over Bradford. Trowbridge benefitted from Melksham’s non appearance while Minety were able to leap above Bath Saracens and keep a single point ahead of the improving Chippenham team.




Written by Graham Cooke

November 7th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Stat Attack!

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It seems that this is becoming quite popular with players and supporters alike (can’t think why!) Anyway, here the latest set of facts, figures and sheer guess work, made to appear as statistics.

Saturday’s 1st XV game against Avonvale was the first match this season where a new player to the squad has not been introduced.

Tom Claxton is now the only ever present player at the start of the game.

By half time, with Tom’s withdrawal through injury,  no Minety player could lay claim to having played every minute of each 1st XV league match.

Tom McAllister opened his scoring account with two penalties and a conversion.

The try scored by Matt Roberts was the fastest try scored by Minety in terms of time on the clock.

That try keeps up Minety’s record of having scored at least one try in each of the 7 league matches played.

The absent Garin Garland is still the club’s top scorer this season with 79 points.  Dave Cooke (somewhere in Thailand at present) and Matt Roberts are equal 2nd with 15 points apiece.

14 different players have scored for Minety in D&W1N action this season.

Of those 14, 10 having been playing in the back line at the time of their scoring, 4 from the forwards.

The match against Avonvale was the first one this season where Minety have prevented the opposition from scoring at least one try.

The Garland brothers are still the only Minety players to have scored more than 10 points in a single game – Garin 3 times, Elis once.

After 7 matches this season, Minety are 12 points behind the league leaders and 21 points above the bottom team.

Minety have played against all four teams above them in the table, with a record of 1 win and 3 narrow losses.  In those matches Minety have scored 63 points and conceded 81.

In the matches up to the Christmas break Minety (5th in the table) will face: Trowbridge (8th); Chippenham (7th); Swindon (11th); and Melksham (8th).

Minety are the 6th top scorers in the league of 12 teams.

Minety are still one of only 5 teams to show a positive “points for / points against” record.

Of no real interest to Minety, but at the top of the table Combe Down and Bradford have each scored a total of 334 points while 3rd placed Warminster have scored one point fewer.

The 2nd XV are 5th in D&W3N but have the 3rd best record in the “points for / points against” column (+115).

The 2nd XV have accrued more try bonus points than anyone other than the unbeaten and table topping Corsham.

But remember Disraeli’s wise words.  “There are lies, damned lies and statistics”.

(Worth adding that Disraeli never played for Minety in a long and illustrious career.)

Written by Graham Cooke

November 6th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Minety scrape home in thriller

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With their two narrow defeats by table topping Bradford on Avon and Combe Down still fresh in the memory, Minety headed into their D&W1N match with newly promoted Avonvale knowing that a win was essential if they were to keep in touching distance of a promotion slot come the end of the season.

Avonvale’s 2017/7 season in Division 2 had been very impressive, 21 wins and a draw, netting them 106 points, and they had brought that compact and well organised approach into Division 1 with some success, winning 5 out of 6 matches and sitting one place above Minety.

Minety took the lead in the 2nd minute.  An Avonvale clearance kick was caught by winger Chris Rule just inside his own half.  A quick off load to Matt Roberts saw the full back slice through the visitors’ defence, evading 5 defenders before touching down beneath the posts.  Scrum half Tom McAllister kicked the conversion and Minety were 7-0 up.

Both teams looked to attack but the defences were well organised and gave little ground.

McAllister extended Minety’s lead in the 8th minute with a 22 metre penalty kick.

Avonvale struck back and got themselves on the scoresheet in the 13th minute with a penalty when Minety were caught not releasing the ball after a tackle.

The home team dominated much of the play in terms of possession and territory but despite some intricate passing moves and intelligent kicking from fly half Adam Watts, they were unable to impose themselves on the well-disciplined and mobile Avonvale defence.

As half time approached it was Avonvale who threatened the Minety line.  Attack after attack was thwarted by some brave tackling from the home side’s defence.  In the 34th minute Avonvale kicked their second penalty to bring the score to 10-6.

Minety’s task was made even harder when both captain Tom Claxton and hard hitting flanker Ben Sellick were forced off with head injuries.  In the re-shuffle Rob Hinwood moved to flanker, Tom Windle to centre and Mark Glew came on as Claxton’s replacement at hooker.

Avonvale started the second half on the front foot and in the 44th minute kicked their third penalty to reduce the arrears to just a single point.

Both teams launched attacks in the next 10 minutes, Minety using their forward power to push down the centre while Avonvale preferred to attack out wide on the flanks.  2nd row Ben Collins, out injured for a month, returned to duties in the 53rd minute when Ashley Windle was injured and McAllister eased the pressure in the 56th minute with his second penalty kick of the game.

Minety’s resources were stretched to the limit when Roberts, always an attacking threat from full back, was forced off with a recurrence of a back injury.  Avonvale took advantage of the re-organisation of the Minety back division and brought the gap back to a single point in the 68th minute with their 4th penalty.

The last 10 minutes were played out mainly in mid field and there was certainly relief on the faces of the Minety coaching staff when the final whistle was blown.

After the match coach Andy Grayson said, “We weren’t at our best today and the injuries and changes made life difficult.  We started very well but our set piece play at scrum and lineout wasn’t as good as usual but we did enough to win and our game management, especially at the end, was excellent.”

The win keeps Minety in 5th place in the league but they will need to win again at 9th placed Trowbridge next week if they are to bridge the gap to the top 4 teams.

In the weekend’s other match, Matt Stone’s Minety 2nd XV overcame Bath Saracens by 52-17 and moved up into 5th place in D&W3N.


Written by Graham Cooke

November 5th, 2017 at 12:30 pm

Kick off time Correction

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Ahhh!  Just when I thought we had it pinned down, confusion reigns again!

There now seems to be some confusion between the league and the refs’ society as to what time kickoffs should be this weekend with one saying one thing and one saying another. 2.30pm has been agreed on by all for this week and then we will try and get it nailed down properly going forward.

If anyone from either the league or the referee’s body is reading this, could we ask that they please get together and provide everyone with clear directives as to when kick off times should be throughout the season – trying to arrange for press coverage is a nightmare if we can’t be sure when games are due to start!



Written by Graham Cooke

November 3rd, 2017 at 10:05 am

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Next Fixtures

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Please note that from now until 26th March 2018, all kick offs should be at 2pm.  In the event of any alterations, we will let you know.


Written by Graham Cooke

November 2nd, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Social Diary

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We now have a social diary on the site to help keep everyone up to date with “off pitch” activities and events.

The new diary can either be displayed through this link or via the Social Diary link on the side menu.


Written by Graham Cooke

November 1st, 2017 at 6:09 pm

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MTV Bradford

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The film of the match against Bradford on Avon played on Saturday 28th October 2017 is now up and available on MTV on this site.  Please use the Minety Player link or this link to access the relevant page.


Written by Graham Cooke

November 1st, 2017 at 8:45 am

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Stat Attack!

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Another meander through the stats, the product of a sad mind!  But here, for those who haven’t drifted off to sleep already, are some interesting (?) stats from Saturday.

  • James Stuart became the 30th player to appear for Minety 1st XV in 6 league matches this season.
  • Garin Garland and Tom Claxton are the only ever present players this season.
  • Garin’s 8 points in the game take him to 79 for the season out of 169 scored by the team.
  • Garin has scored 47% of the points this season for the 1st XV.
  • Minety conceded their 100th point this season against Bradford.  Over 6 matches that works out at 17 per game.
  • In the same game Minety scored their 169th point.  Over 6 matches that works out at 28 per game.
  • Minety are 5th in the league and are the 5th top scorers.
  • Minety have “won” more losing bonus points than any other team in the league (so defeats have been very small ones).
  • We are the only team thus far to deny Bradford a Try bonus point.
  • Bradford’s winning margins thus far have been: Trowbridge 33; Chippenham 52; Swindon 81; Melksham 25; Pewsey 37: and Minety 5!
  • Given that the camera that films all Minety matches is paused when play stops (formation of scrums, lineouts etc.) the average 80 minute game equates to approximately 36 minutes of actual open play.  The better the game (the more flowing), the longer the film; the worse (more fractured and fractious), the shorter.  Saturday’s match at Bradford actually has 45 minutes of open play (good match).  The lowest on record was just 27 minutes for a match at Colerne in 2015 / 2016.
  • It took 4 minutes before the ball left the Bradford half of the pitch on Saturday.
  • 1st half open play accounted for about 22 minutes of filming, with 15 minutes spent in the Bardford half.  That’s a territorial advantage of 68% for Minety.  Territory doesn’t equate to points but it does show how commited the team were.
  • Yellow card offences accounted for 54 minutes of the 80 minutes played.  That means that Minety were reduced to 14 (13 at one stage) for 67% of the game.

But remember, there are “Lies, damned lies and statistics!”

Written by Graham Cooke

October 31st, 2017 at 1:31 pm

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Results from the weekend

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Here are the results and tables from Dorset and Wilts Division 1 North and 3 North, both featuring Minety teams.

In D&W1N all four top team won, Bradford mainatining their unbeaten record in a close 13-8 victory over Minety, but dropping their first Try bonus point of the season in doing so.  Combe Down kept up the pressure at the top with a comprehensive win ove struggling Wootton Bassett while Warminster saw off Supermarine by 94-5 at home.  4th placed Avonvale, whose only loss of the seaswon was at Warminster on the opening day, enjoyed a win over struggling Pewsey Vale whose sole win this season has been cancelled out by a concession recently against Combe Down.

The real surprise of the round was the 111 points scored by Chippenham, whose form this season has been very up and down; convincing wins in their last two home matches have been more than balanced by some heavy defeats on the road.

Saturday’s fine win by the 2nd XV over Melksham keeps Matt Stone’s team at the top of the middle part of the table.  All four teams above Minety won matches against teams from the lower half of the table.


Written by Graham Cooke

October 30th, 2017 at 10:06 am

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Oh so close

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For the second week running Minety came up agonisingly short against an unbeaten side in Dorset and Wilts Division 1, losing to league leaders Bradford on Avon by 13-8.  After last week’s stoppage time loss to  Combe Down, Tom Claxton’s team knew that their stiffest challenge of the season lay ahead at Bradford on Avon, top of the division and boasting winning bonus points in every match this season.

To make their task even tougher, Minety played almost 70 minutes with 14 players after centre Dave Church and 2nd row Ash Windle were yellow carded in the first half and then Church received a second yellow and was sent off early in the second half.

On a well prepared pitch, both teams had to contend with a gale blowing across the ground, making place and penalty kicking something of a lottery.

The pattern for the match was established in the opening 5 minutes with Minety pushing Bradford back with a combination of slick back moves and crunching forward tackling.

Bradford’s first attack in the 8th minute was stopped on the line by a fine tackle from outside centre Jack Howse supported by Claxton and Church.  With Windle dominating at the base of the lineout and fly half Jack Ward kicking well to touch, Minety forced their way back into what was fast becoming a real battle.

Bradford took the lead in the 16th minute from a penalty after Church was yellow carded for a perceived high tackle.

If the table toppers thought the 14 men of Minety would be easy picking, they were soon disabused of this; Minety roared back into attack, scrum half Garin Garland managing his pack and forwards Andrew Hibbard, Colin French and James Stuart making inroads into the Bradford defence while Ward and full back Matt Roberts sought defensive weaknesses out wide.

Bradford extended their lead in the 27th minute, moving the ball across from right to left and exploiting their extra man.  The try, out on the left, was not converted and the home side led by 8-0.

Full back Roberts almost found a way through in the 30th minute, halted close to the line as Minety pushed for their opening score.

The tackling was ferocious from both teams as Minety pinned Bradford back in their 22.  Forwards Ben Scott and French were denied by last gasp tackles while Ward, Church and Howse held centre ground as Bradford tried to break the shackles.

Minety’s persistence was rewarded in the 33rd minute when Bradford were penalised for holding on and Garland kicked the penalty.

A Roberts break and a Claxton drive were both held up metres from the line as Minety drove for an equalising try but the village team were reduced to 14 men again when Windle was yellow carded on the stroke of half time.

Minety brought on Rob Hinwood for the tiring Stuart at half time, the latter having put in a tremendous, energy sapping shift in the 1st 40 minutes.

As both teams pushed forward, gaps appeared in defence and it was only a brilliant saving tackle by Garland that stopped an almost certain Bradford try in the 44th minute.

The 14 soon became 13 when Church picked up a second yellow card and was sent off.

Bradford extended their lead in the 53rd minute.  Ward’s kick to touch stalled in the wind and was then blown back into centre field.  The home team collected the loose ball and with a smooth passing move their outside centre scored wide out on the right.

But if anything is to sum up Minety’s efforts thus far it is their determination and effort. 13-3 down with one man short to the league leaders, they simply would not lie down and it was the terrier like Garland who spotted a gap and raced 25 metres to score their try to bring the score back to 13-8 in the 56th minute.

Both sides threw everything into the final 20 minutes in what was a fine advert for everything that is good about league rugby.  Minety lost hard working French to a leg injury in the 74th minute but left nothing out on the pitch as they stood up to the Bradford team.

Minety’s consolation 1 league point for a close loss was no reward for their efforts and Bradford came away knowing that they’d been in a real battle.

In the weekend’s other fixture, Matt Stone’s 2nd XV recorded a fine away win at Melksham by 50-15 with Scott Glew scoring his first try for Minety.



Written by Graham Cooke

October 29th, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Captain’s Corner

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We caught up with a disconsolate and frustrated Tom Claxton shortly after the defeat at home by Combe Down on Saturday, a match decided by literally the last kick of the game.

“I asked the lads to think about how they were feeling at the end of the match.  I know that I don’t want that kind of feeling again and I’m pretty sure, no, I’m certain that they don’t want to feel that way again.  We played well in the first half against a good team.  You don’t get to be at the top of the table with an unbeaten record if you’re not good.  But we more than matched them in the first half and then we let them back in during the second half and lost it to a penalty on the last play of the game.

“We’ve got to reflect on what we did and learn from the experience and then go to Bradford on Avon, another unbeaten team, on Saturday and make sure that the lessons learned are put to good effect.  I don’t want to have this feeling again this season.”

Tom will lead his team against Bradford On Avon on Saturday knowing that a win is necessary if Minety are to bridge the gap between the middle of the table and those pushing for the promotion places come the end of the season in April.

Players and supporters should note that the 1st XV are playing at Bradford (you know who this is aimed at) whilst the 2nds are at Melksham.  Directions to both locations can be found on our Directions page (see the side menu).


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Next Fixtures

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Dean Lakey from Combe Down has been in touch to say that Combe Down’s total is correct at 24 points.  He points out, quite correctly, “If you look through the results you will note that Pewsey Vale were unable to raise a team against us for some reason.  In these circumstances the team gets awarded 5 points so although the league correctly shows 3 BP’s we have 4 wins at 5 points and 1 win at 4 points.  I think this done this way as we have also lost out on points difference.”

Sorry for that!


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Latest from D&W3N

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Minety’s 34-19 defeat of Swindon at the weekend pushed Matt Stone’s team up to 8th in the league, having played 4, won2 and lost 2 (one conceded) to give them a total of 6 points.  The win was doubly important since Swindon sit just one place above the village side and anything other than a win for Minety would have cut them loose from the pack chasing the league leaders.

Interestingly, Minety are the only team currently in the bottom half of the table to show a positive “Poinst For / Points Against” score of +45 – showing that the village team are in a false place in the early stages of the league, penalised by their inability to field a team in the first match of the season when injuries to members of the 1st XV necessitated last minute call ups for a number of 2nds players.

On Saturday the 2nd XV travel to bottom of the table Melksham, who are enduring a torrid time this season.  They lost their first match of the season at Bradford on Avon but then bounced back with a fine win over Supermarine, by 51-20.  Since then they have been unable to fulfil their fixtures against Corsham, Warminster and Devizes and have been heavily penalised by the league leaving them adrift at the foot of the table with a -5 points total.

Joint top of the table, and both unbeaten up until Saturday, Corsham and Bradford on Avon came up against each other with Corsham running away with a 60-10 victory that takes them clear at the table top.

2nd placed Warminster were awarded a “Walk over” after Melksham conceded while Trowbridge defeated Chippenham 28-5.

5th placed Bath Saracens overcame Devizes 52-27 away from home.


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MTV Combe Down available

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The MTV coverage of the recent match against league leaders Combe Down is now available either through this link or via the Minety Player link on the side menu.



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October 25th, 2017 at 9:35 am

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Results from the weekend

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There were a number of interesting results around the league on Saturday, although Minety’s narrow loss to Combe Down was probably the most significant.  Elsewhere, unbeaten Warminster were made to fight for their win at winless Chippenham while Bradford on Avon overcame bottom club Pewsey with some ease to cement their position at the top of the table.

Incidentally, we’re fairly sure that the Combe Down total is incorrect and should read 23 points (5 wins at 4 points each plus 3 Try bonus points = 23points).

Melksham’s uncertain start to the season saw them lose for the 4th time to league newcomers Avonvale while Bassett won their first match of the season and moved out of the red (they were docked points at the start of the season for some infringement of the rules) and now have 1 point.

Swindon’s demolition of Trowbridge was their first win this term and takes them above Pewsey, Chippenham, Bassett and Melksham.

Minety’s season does not get any easier when they travel to Bradford this coming Saturday.  Bradford did the double on Minety and coaches Andy Grayson and Hywel Rees will be desperate to avoid another reversal.

News from D&W3N on site tomorrow (Wednesday).


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October 24th, 2017 at 11:04 am

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Stat Attack!

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Another meander through the stats this week after the nailbiting loss to Combe Down on Saturday.

Up until Saturday Combe Down’s league record read “Played 4, Won 4. Points For 182, Points Against 10.

Up until Saturday Combe Down were averaging 45 points in each game whilst conceding on average 2.5 points.

By half time on Saturday Minety had scored almost twice as many points against Combe Down than they had conceded in the other 4 games.

Ash Windle became the 29th player to appear for the 1st XV in 5 league matches this year (shows the potential strength of the squad)

Tom Claxton, Garin Garland, Adam Watts and Ben Langridge are the only “ever presents” this season.

13 different players have scored at least one try for the 1st XV in the 5 league matches played this season.

11 ex Academy players have played at least one match for the 1st XV this season.

Garin Garland is the top scorer for Minety this season with 71 points thus far.  He’s averaging over 14 points per game.

Two Minety 1st XV players have spent time in Vietnam in October!  Ash Windle returned from his “World Tour” just as Dave Cooke was setting off for Hanoi and the Far East.

Only three yellow cards have been shown to Minety players this season, and none in the last two matches.


“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Benjamin Disraeli


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October 23rd, 2017 at 9:48 am

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Minety fall to stoppage time penalty.

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Minety’s fine run of victories in Dorset and Wilts Division 1 North came to an end when they were edged out 25-22 by unbeaten Combe Down in an encounter decided by the last kick of the match.

The match started under leaden skies and blustery wind.

Playing up the slope, and into the wind, Minety found themselves having to defend desperately in the opening exchanges as the confident Combe Down outfit launched attack after attack.

The visitors opened the scoring in the 5th minute when Minety were punished at the ruck in front of the posts.

The home side attacked from the restart, scrum half Garin Garland and fly half Adam Watts combining well to push the visitors back onto their line.  Strong forward play from captain Tom  Claxton and Number 8 Andrew Hibbard maintained the momentum and when second row Ash Windle caught a lineout ball and  set up a ruck on the try line, Garland picked up and dived over for Minety’s first try.  The young scrum half converted his try and the home side led 7-3.

Minety increased the lead in the 15th minute.  Winning a scrum 20 metres out from the Combe Down line, Hibbard set up a ruck and when Garland kicked ahead, flanker Josh Bull was the first to react, catching the ball and diving over.

Combe Down struck back and only some desperate tackling by the home defence kept the league leaders at bay.  The pressure led to Minety being penalised and the visiting fly half converted the penalty to bring the score back to 12-6.

Both sides defied the deteriorating conditions, choosing to pass the ball along the line and stretch the defences and it was the visitors who profited next.  Minety, unable to gain any ground kicking into the fierce wind, tried to break out down the centre but the ball was lost and from the subsequent scrum, the ball was fed to the full back who won a sprint to the corner flag to touch down for their opening try.

A single point separated the sides as they headed into stoppage time at the end of the first half.

A ruck out on the right, on the Come Down 22 metre line, was secured by Minety.  Garland fed Watts and Claxton took the ball on.  Prop Colin French set up another ruck and Watts’ long pass was taken by full back Matt Roberts who burst through the defence to score Minety’s 3rd try.  Garland converted and the village team led 19-11 at half time.

Given that the visitors had only conceded one try and only 10 points in total in their first 4 league matches, Minety had put in a fine 40 minutes of rugby.

With the advantage of the slope and the wind, the home side started the second half in confident mood, winger Tom McAllister jinking through the visitors’ defence and Watts using the conditions intelligently to kick Minety deep into Combe Down territory.

Against the run of play, Combe Down registered the first points of the second half when sloppy defensive work allowed their winger to burst through for a try to bring the score back to 19-16.

The away side adapted better to the deteriorating conditions as a fine drizzle made both ball and ground slippery.  Only fine tackling from winger Duncan Simpson and flanker Kieran Tillotson maintained the slender home lead.

The scores were tied at 19 all when Minety were caught offside in front of their posts and the visitors edged ahead in the 71st minute with another penalty.

Minety struck back with just 4 minutes left.  Strong running from centre Tom Windle, Roberts and Simpson pushed Combe Down back and when the visitors were penalised at the ruck, Garland kicked the penalty to tie the match at 22-22.

A cruel bounce of the ball from a high kick put Minety on the back foot as both teams went for the win. A penalty, a throw in and three rucks later, Minety were penalised and with the last kick of the match, Combe Down took the win 25-22.

The visitors’ post-match celebrations contrasted with dismay on the faces of the Minety players.

Coach Andy Grayson was philosophical in defeat.  “We played our best half of rugby in the first half and the worst half of rugby in the second.  I’m really disappointed.  We should have put the game to bed at half time.  We let it slip.  Now we must make sure that it doesn’t happen again. “

Next week Minety travel to the other unbeaten team in the league Bradford on Avon.

In the weekend’s other fixture, tries from Rob Hinwood, Jon Blair (2) and Dale Langdown saw Mienty 2nd’s overcome Swindon III’s by 34-19 in D&W3N.



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October 22nd, 2017 at 12:46 pm

Major challenges for both teams

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Both Minety teams will be at home on Saturday 21st October and the village squad is under no doubts that these will be testing fixtures.

Tom Claxton’s 1st XV will entertain league leaders Combe Down.  The visitors arrive at Minety Fields joint top of the Dorset and Wilts Division 1 North having won all 4 of their matches this season.  The champions of the league in 2015, Combe Down found life hard in the upper division last year and were relegated in April.  Thw on their first match of the season at Chippenham by 48-0 and since then have defeated Swindon (81-3) and Melksham (53-7) before being awarded the match against Pewsey Vale when the visitors were unable to field a team.

With form such as this Claxton’s team will have to be on top form and will need a strong lineup.  “We had to concede our cup match at Dorchester last weekend because we simply didn’t have enough fit or available forwards.  Injuries have hit us hard this season.  I know that there’s been a lot of talk about increased levels of injury in the professional code and some suggestion that the recent changes to the laws may have contributed.  It may be that that effect is rippling down to the amateur game.  We know that Combe Down will be all out to beat us on Saturday – we inflicted one of only two defeats on them during their championship winning year.”

Matt Stone’s 2nd XV take on Swindon III.  They sit 5th in the table, four places above Minety in Dorset and Wilts Division 3 North having won 2 and lost 2 matches this season.  They started the season badly with a heavy home dfeeat at the hands of Warminster but then overcame local rival Supermarine away from home.  A heavy home defeat to Corsham in Match week 3 was then evened out by a 28-22 win at Devizes.

Both matches kick off at 3pm.  The bar in the clubhouse will be open before and after the game.  All supporters welcomed!


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Next Fixtures – 21st October

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Both Minety teams return to action after a week off but will face stiff challenges on Saturday.  The 1st XV will take on Combe Down, who were champions of the D&W1N league two seasons ago, and were involved in two mighty and fairly feisty encounters with Minety in that year, while Matt Stone’s 2nd XV take on Swindon III’s.

Full match previews on this site on Friday.



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Stat Attack!

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Four matches into Dorset and Wilts Division 1 North and the 1st XV are 4th in the table with 16 points behind Bradford on Avon and Combe Down (both with 20 points) and Warminster (19 points).

With no matches this weekend, after the 1sts were forced to concede their cup match at Dorchester because of injuries, we’ve delved into the detail and have produced these stats.

Played 4, won 3, lost 1.  Wins at Pewsey (29-14) and Supermarine (38-5), win at home to Royal Wotton Bassett (50-12) and our only loss at Warminster (22-31).

28 different players have been used by the 1st XV across those 4 matches.

Only 5 players have appeared in all 4 matches: Tom Claxton, Dave Cooke, Garin Garland, Ben Langridge and Adam Watt.

Of those 5 only three have played in the same position: Tom Claxton, Garin Garland and Adam Watt.

Leading point scorers are: Garin Garland 59, Dave Cooke 15, Elis Garland and Andrew Hibbard 10.

Tries have been scored by 13 different players across the four matches, 8 by backs and 5 by forwards.

Minety has scored 139 points whilst conceding 66, a net of +77.

Minety are averaging 34.75 per match whilst limiting the opposition to an average of just 15.5.

Minety has secured a bonus point (for scoring 4 tries or more) in all four matches.

3 yellow cards have been shown to Minety players in the 4 matches.


Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of liesliesdamned lies, and statistics.”


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Captain’s Corner

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We caught up with new Minety 1st XV captain Tom Claxton after the fine home win over Royal Wootton Bassett (and , therefore, before last weekend’s excellent win at Supermarine).

“After 3 matches, and two wins, I’m very pleased with the start that we’ve made to the season.  I know that we lost at Warminster, but they’re a powerful team who will be in at the top end of the table come the end of the season, but even in that loss I saw lots of positives.  We started slowly and we were deservedly punished for our lethargy but we picked up in the second half and out scored them.  We just need to make sure that we learn the lessons that we were dealt on that day.

“Today’s match (against RWB) was exceptional, a really outstanding performance from everyone.  We were able to put out a really strong team and it was pleasing to see so many moves that we’ve practised on the training ground being used so effectively in the game.  A couple of people have spoken to me about how well drilled we are as a team and that kind of game discipline starts life on the training ground on Tuesday evenings.  Our rehearsed moves worked out so well.

“Training is the key to our success on the field and it’s been pleasing to see players attending training in such good numbers across both teams.  It means we can try out moves more effectively and also means that players can swap from the 1st to the 2nds and vica versa and still understand what is going on around them.  We’ve got a good depth in the squad and on our day I believe we can beat anyone in the league; I’m certainly targetting a top 3 position come April.”

So how has being the club captain been, now that he’s experienced a month of league action?  “It’s certainly not as advertised; there’s a lot more work than I imagined but wins bring rewards and I’m really enjoying myself at the moment.”

We’ll be bringing more words of wisdom(!?) from Tom as the season progresses.


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October 12th, 2017 at 6:00 am

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Minety concede cup match

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Minety have been forced to concede their cup match at Dorchester this coming weekend.  Last weekend’s bruising encounters with Supermarine (D&W1N) and Chippenham (D&W3N) have taken their toll on an already threadbare and injury ravaged squad.

1st XV captain Tom Claxton told us, “Yes, I can sadly confirm that the cup match is cancelled. The reason is predominantly due to injuries in the tight 5 and the resulting inability to field a front row or experienced locks. We have over 10 players out injured, 8 of them first team.  Even if we had had sufficient numbers we would have had players playing well out of position and that is never satisfactory.  We’re sorry to miss out on a chance in the cup; we can all remember the day two seasons ago when we won the cup at Warminster in a thrilling match against Lychett Minster.  If there is to be a positive from the concession, it is that our rather bruised and battered squad will have a little more time to recover before we face Combe Down on the 21st.”


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October 11th, 2017 at 11:56 am

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MTV: Supermarine match now available

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Saturday’s D&W1N match at Supermarine is now available on MTV.

Use the Minety Player link on the right or this link to access the match.


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Weekend Results from D&W3N

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Minety 2nds lost out to Chippenham in a hard fought encounter at the weekend, going down 18-13 away from home.

The result leaves Matt Stone’s team in a lowly 9th place in the table with 1 win from their first 3 matches (although one defect was by concession when they were unable to field a team after players were hastily transferred to the 1sts for the Pewsey Vale fixture).

Other results in the division were as follows:




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Many thanks

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As some of you will have noticed, we have been experiencing problems with the website over the past week.  We can now report that all seems to be well and must register huge thanks to Nigel Price for sorting the matter out.

Cheers Nigel!


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October 10th, 2017 at 11:07 am

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Weekend Results from D&W1N

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Saturday 7th October saw the fourth round of fixtures in the Wadworth 6X Dorset & Wilts Division 1 North division.

Minety’s fine win at Supermarine brings them up to 4th in the table with wins over Pewsey, Bassett and Supermarine this season.

Already we are seeing a split in the D&W1N table with the top 6 teams pulling clear of the rest.

Supermarine have opened up an 8 point gap over the team in 7th place, Trowbridge, while Pewsey, Chippenham and Swindon are left with 0 points, Bassett propping up the table with -4 points (a 5 point deduction was made to Bassett’s total at the start of the season).

On Saturday, Tom Claxton’s team head to Dorchester for a cup fixture.  It will be a stiff test for the Minety team; Dorchester sit joint top of their division with a 4 win perfect start to their season.

Later in the week we’ll catch up with Minety’s new captain to find out how his first month in charge has been.




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Minety maintain impressive start

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Minety maintained their impressive start to the season with a fine 38-5 win at hitherto unbeaten Supermarine in Dorset and Wilts Division 1.

With playing resources across their two teams stretched to the limit, Minety gave debuts to ex Academy 2nd row River Burton and flanker Ben Sellick and actually kicked off the match with just 15 player and no replacements.

Minety dominated the early exchanges but with both teams evenly matched at both lineout and scrum, the action was played out in midfield with handling errors breaking the rhythm of the game.

Minety opened the scoring in the 25th minute.  When winger Ben Langridge was brought down 25 metres out it was scrum half Garin Garland who spotted a gap to race through to score.  Garland converted his try and Minety led 7-0.

Minety doubled their lead in the 38th minute.  A fine attacking move involving centre Tom Windle and flanker Sellick took the ball deep into their opponents’ half.  The home defence repelled a number of attacks before prop Colin French evaded one tackle and spun out of another to claim his first 1st XV try.

Supermarine ended the half with a fine try.  Missed tackles in midfield allowed the home team space in Minety’s 22 and their centre touched down out on the right to leave the score at half time Supermarine 5 Minety 14.

The village side dominated the start of the second half and, after a series of fluent attacking moves, scored their third try when fly half Adam Watt dummied the home defence and raced through to score under the posts, Garland converting the score.

Minety extended the lead to 23 points in the 47th minute.  Centre Tom McAllister broke free on the left and fed Garland who made ground before off loading to Dave Cooke, the winger spinning out of two tackles before running the ball in to score from 25 metres out.

In the 52nd minute Claxton’s brilliant burst through the Supermarine defence set up first full back Duncan Simpson and then 2nd row Ben Scott, both held close to the line, before Garland spotted a gap to register his 2nd try and take the score to Supermarine 5 Minety 33.

The game opened up in the final quarter with both teams intent on moving the ball around.  Solid tackling from Simpson and the forwards kept Supermarine at bay.

Minety’s superior speed and ball retention told in the end when a fine move across the width of the pitch ended with Langridge touching down wide on the right for Minety’s 6th try and a 38-5 lead.

Garland was denied a hat trick deep in injury time.  His initial break on half way was taken on by the impressive Sellick.  Simpson was on hand to run the ball towards the corner flag but as Garland collected at the ensuing ruck, the referee was bowled over in the melee and was unsighted as the scrum half touched down.

Final score Supermarine 5 Minety 38.

Coach Hywel Rees was very pleased with his team’s performance.  “It took a while for us to settle down but when we did we ran in tries from all over the pitch.  We’re now up to 4th in the table, just 4 points behind leaders Bradford on Avon.”

Next Saturday Minety travel to Dorchester for Dorset and Wilts Cup Action.

In the weekend’s other game, Minety 2nds were edged out 18-13 at Chippenham.

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October 8th, 2017 at 11:38 am

Technical problems

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We are experiencing problems with the management software for the site.  We hope to have normal (?) service back up as soon as possible.

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50,000 visitors

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We’ve just recorded our 50,000th visitor to the website since we began collecting statistical data in March 2016.  Many thanks to everyone who supports this site.


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