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2019 AGM

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The Minety RFC Annual General Meeting was held last night (11th June) in the club house at Minety.

In front of a good turnout, and considerably more than the quorum in the club’s Articles of Association, the chairman opened the meeting, thanked those in attendance and gave the first of a series of reports from 2018-2019 Committee members and the team captains.  The chairman’s address can be located below this report, for those interested.

After the receipt of reports from the chair, the club captain (Tom Claxton), the 2nd XV captain (Steve Wilson), the club coach (Andy Grayson), the treasurer (given by Peter McAllister in Kevin Holdway’s absence) and the junior report (Peter McAllister), the following were elected onto the Committee to serve from June 2019 to June 2020.

President: Andy Ward
Chairman: Jack Ward
Vice Chair: Davie Peirce
Treasurer: Kev Holdway
Secretary: Peter McAllister
Club Captain: Andrew Hibbard *
Fixture Secretary: Rob Hinwood
Social Secretary: Morgan Aubrey
Groundsman: John Bulter
Press & Publicity Officer: Vacant
MPFA Rep: Vacant
2nd Team Captain: Steve Wilson
International Tickets: Andy Edwards
1st team Vice Captain: Mark Glew *
2nd Team Vice Captain: Vacant
Coach: Andy Grayson
Fundraiser / sponsorship: Vacant
Webmaster: Graham Cooke
Data Officer: Martin  Coe
Referee Co-ordinator: Andy Brown
* indicates the result after a vote at the meeting.
The club still needs to recruit: a representative to attend MPFA meetings; a Press and Publicity Officer; a 2nd XV vice captain; and a Fund Raiser / Sponsorship officer.  If anyone would like to put themselves forward for any of these rolle they should let Peter McAllister know as soon as possible.
Outgoing Chairman’s address

First of all, in line with many recent announcements, I do not intend to burst into tears at the end of my address and, no, I have never taken c*****e nor snorted anything stronger than snuff.

As some of you know, I took over from Ken Wright late on in the year and I would like to extend my thanks to Ken for all the work that he did during his time as Club Chairman and for the significant role and support he has played in the life of the club over many years.

It has certainly been a challenging year both on and off the field.

Tom and Steve will no doubt comment in much more detail but I’d like to congratulate all of the players who represented Minety, both at 1st XV and 2nd XV levels this year.  The 48 who played for the 1st XV and the 50 plus who represented the 2nd XV played with determination, spirit, dignity and sportsmanship, often in the face of unacceptable and unpalatable behaviour from opposition players and their support staff.

The 1st XV ended the season in 6th place, played 22, won 11, while the 2nd XV were 8th, disadvantaged by concessions and the withdrawal of clubs in D&W3.

I’d like to place on record my thanks to Tom and Steve for all of their work in leading the two teams but would also plead with all players to be more proactive in team selection.  It cannot be right that captains should have to text and call individuals as many as 5 times before they get a response – once should be sufficient. Ideally I’d like to hear of players making themselves available for selection, without the need for 100s of texts from the captains.

The year started with massive work undertaken to improve the drainage of the three pitches, work which proved its worth as the season progressed and the sand filled drains settled.  Many thanks to Andrew Hibbard, Tom Claxton, Ben Collins and Brett King for their hard work to see that project through.

I believe that our gaining full RFU Accreditation was a major hurdle overcome, and I’d like to pay tribute to the enormous amount of work undertaken by Cliff Garland and Tom Claxton in getting the paper work completed, approved by the committee and then approved by the RFU.  

The Accreditation gives a framework to develop the club over the next few years.  The challenges will be great.  We cannot compare ourselves to local clubs with multi million pound developments and all the trimmings associated with huge wealth.  But we can match them on the pitch and match them in spirit and ambition.  But we all need to pull together, to work as one, to assist and lead and support at every level in the club.

One aim is to bring the junior and senior wings of the club closer together and I was honoured to be asked to present awards at the Junior division’s end of season party last month and very impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of the players, coaches and parents. I hope that the links between the sections continue to strengthen. The future is bright but only if we all pull together.

We now have a sponsorship brochure which, hopefully, can be used profitably to access much needed funding and a much clearer idea as to how we can tackle recruitment and strengthen our playing resources at every level.

We have a robust disciplinary policy now, one that served us well this season. We now have procedures in place in the event of last minute concessions and cancelations of games.  Policies and documents such as these oil the workings of a successful club.

The Minety 7s was another successful venture this year.  We may not have made as much money as in previous years but the feedback from those competing has been exceptional and planning is already in train for next year’s event.  Once again, I must pay tribute to Tom Claxton for his work in the overall organisation and all the other club members who helped what is a complex event to manage.

At the end of the year we are currently looking at improving the lighting conditions for training. New, much brighter bulbs are being tested and we hope to replace as many of the lighting poles and lamps as possible, fund raising and seeking sponsorship to cover the costs. 

I hope that soon a new tractor will appear to cut the grass and tend the fields.  My experience of the old one, dodgy brakes, a continuous blast of exhaust fumes in the face and a throttle lever that detached itself randomly has left an indelible mark on me and I hope that a new one will be more kind on both operative and playing surface.

I’d like to end by acknowledging some individuals and groups, and I apologise if I have left anyone out.

It goes without saying that I must thank JB for all of his work and his good humoured support for all that we do.  Every club needs a JB; we’re just so fortunate that we have him, miss placed apostrophe and all!

I’d also like to recognise the huge amount of work that Andy Grayson, and latterly James Irvine, has done especially when we lost the services of Hywel at the start of the season.

Thanks to Anton for his physio support and also to Tracy Glew for her 1st aid support for the 2nd XV.

Thanks to Andy Somers for the Presentation evening in May and also to the Social Committee for their work throughout the year.

I’d also like to pay tribute to those people who work so hard behind the scenes. To Kev and all the people who prepare the food at the end of home matches, to Caroline Stone for her photographs which have adorned many press releases this year, to Rosemary Scott for laundering the kit week in, week out, to Andrew O’Dell and Pete MacAllister for their support in the club house on match days, to Dave Cooke for his work ensuring referees are available and liaising with other clubs throughout the season.

Tonight we have interrupted the great work that Duncan Simpson undertakes in organising the tag summer programme.  It is very satisfying to see so many people, of all ages and shapes, taking part and reflects so well upon the club.

To Ed Wolton and his incredibly enthusiastic group of junior age group coaches for their work in bringing through the next generations of Minety players

And, of course, to the Committee members who have worked so hard this year and been such a support to me recently as I’ve wrestled with the job.

To conclude, I wish the new committee the greatest success and appeal to all members, playing or non playing, to involve themselves more in the running of their club.  It might look serene like a swan on the surface but below it’s hard graft that will determine the future of this club as it approaches its 50th anniversary.

I can say this year has been a challenge but I am buoyed by the fact that, uniquely, I hold a 100% winning record – no Minety team has lost a match while I have been in the role.  In my dotage, that will be a source of great satisfaction.


Written by Graham Cooke

June 12th, 2019 at 8:30 pm

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2019 AGM – Tuesday 11th June

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This year’s AGM is on Tuesday 11th June at 7.30pm in the club house at Minety.

The Agenda for the Meeting is as follows:

  1. Acceptance of accounts for 2017/2018
  2. Acceptance of minutes from 2017/2018
  3. Chairman’s Report – Graham Cooke
  4. Club Captain’s Report – Tom Claxton
  5. 2nd Team Captains Report – Steve Wilson
  6. Club Coach Report – Andy Grayson
  7. Treasurer’s Report – Kevin Holdway
  8. Junior Report – Peter McAllister
  9. Election of Officers
  10. Any Other Business


Copies of the Minutes from last year’s AGM are available upon request from Graham Cooke (contact details on contacts’ page).


Written by Graham Cooke

June 8th, 2019 at 6:00 am

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As we approach this year’s AGM, next Tuesday at 7.30pm in the club house, it is appropriate to publicly acknowledge the award winners for 2018 – 2019 as presnted at the Club Dinner last Friday.

Chairman’s Cup: Tom Claxton

1st XV player of the Year: Andrew Hibbard
Players’ Player: Andrew Hibbard
Most Improved Player: Jay Thompson
Young Player: Sam Hughes
Captain’s Player: Ben Scott
2nd Team Player: Bram Coleman
Congratulations to all of our winners; you are a credit to yourselves and your club.

Written by Graham Cooke

June 7th, 2019 at 12:58 pm

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2019 Annual General Meeting

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The club AGM will be held on Tuesday 11th June at 7.30pm in the club house.

The Annual General Meeting is a vitally important event in the club’s calendar where the new members of the committee for the following year will be voted into post and where members can have their say to influence the future of the club.

Please make every effort to attend. This is your Rugby Club, and this is your chance to voice your opinions, elect officers for next season etc. These are challenging times for all sporting clubs, especially relatively small ones like Minety.  We all need to pull together and work for the club.

If you would like to stand for an official position please add your name to the election of officers form, which is currently on the notice board in the Rugby Club, or contact Graham Cooke, Peter McAllister or Andy Ward before next Tuesday (all contact details are on the Contacts Page of the website).


Written by Graham Cooke

June 5th, 2019 at 10:20 am

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Summer touch rugby at Minety

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Summer touch rugby kicks off this Tuesday, 28th May at 7pm. Mixed Gender, all ages* and abilities welcome. We had an excellent turn out last year, and it’s great run around especially for those that haven’t dusted off the boots in a while!

*Ages 12+ recommended and younger children should be accompanied by an adult.






Written by Graham Cooke

May 27th, 2019 at 10:27 am

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Minety 7s Gallery

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The winners of the 2019 Minety 7’s Tournament, Team Horus, defeated their keen rivals Team Spitfires in the semi finals and the Team Osiris to win the tournament.


2019 Minety 7’s winners: Team Horus


2019 Finalists: Osiris and Horus


Horus and the Spitfires


Photographs provided by Rob Bugden and Team Horus.



Written by Graham Cooke

May 21st, 2019 at 12:23 pm

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2019 Minety 7s Tournament

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The 2019 Minety 7’s tournament was won by the HORUS team from the RAF who defeated Team Osiris, made up of players from Swindon, Nationwide and the RAF in a tense and thrilling final at the end of a hugely enjoyable day.

15 teams entered the competition, competing across three qualification pools, with the top teams from each pool qualifying for the Main Competition Semi Finals together with the top 2nd placed team.  The next two best 2nd placed teams and the best third placed team qualified for the semi finals of the “Oh So Nearly” competition.

With three points for a win and 1 for a draw, the competition was fierce, made even more competitive by the fact that in the event of a tie, the team who had the highest average score across their group games would qualify.  This rule meant that the result of the final match of the qualification actually determined who would make the two sets of semifinals with 10 teams still in contention.

The Oh So Nearly Cup winners were Marlborough 1st who narrowly defeated Sutton Benger.

The 2019 Minety 7’s Tournament Roll of Honour

Main Competition Winners: Horus

 Main Competition Runners Up: Osiris

Oh So Nearly Cup Winners: Marlborough 1st

Oh So Nearly Runners Up: Sutton Benger


Group A Qualification Pool

11.00am Marlborough 1’s Minety 21 : 14
11.15am Swindon Osiris 17 : 21
11.45am Marlborough 1’s Osiris 21 : 19
12.15pm Henry’s Heroes Minety 5 : 26
12.45pm Minety Osiris 7 : 33
1pm Henry’s Heroes Swindon 0 : 49
1.30pm Swindon Minety 12 : 7
1.45pm Henry’s Heroes Marlborough 1’s 10 : 31
2.15pm Osiris Henry’s Heroes 52 : 0
2.30pm Swindon Marlborough 1’s 19 : 14


Group A Table

Osiris 4 3 0 1 125 45 80 9 31.25
Swindon 4 3 0 1 97 42 55 9 24.25
Marlborough 1’s 4 3 0 1 87 62 25 9 21.75
Minety 4 1 0 3 54 71 -17 3 13.5
Henry’s Heroes 4 0 0 4 15 158 -143 0 3.75


Nb.  PF Av. is the average points scored over the matches played and was used as a tie breaker.

Group B Qualification Pool

11.00am Spitfires Dreamers 68 : 0
11.30am Horus Tetbury 19 : 5
11.45am Spitfires Chippenham 21 : 14
12.15pm Tetbury Dreamers 28 : 5
12.30pm Spitfires Horus 38 : 0
12.45pm Dreamers Chippenham 5 : 38
1.15pm Chippenham Horus 14 : 40
1.45pm Tetbury Spitfires 0 : 22
2pm Dreamers Horus 0 : 47
2.15pm Chippenham Tetbury 40 : 0


Group B Table

Spitfires 4 4 0 0 149 14 135 12 37.25
Horus 4 3 0 1 106 57 49 9 26.5
Chippenham 4 2 0 2 106 66 40 6 26.5
Tetbury 4 1 0 3 33 86 -53 3 8.25
Dreamers 4 0 0 4 10 181 -171 0 2.5


Group C Qualification Pool

11.00am Minchinhampton Physio’s Fatties 45 : 0
11.30am Bradford on Avon Marlborough 2’s 28 : 19
11.45am Minchinhampton Sutton Benger 21 : 14
12.15pm Marlborough 2’s Physio’s Fatties 29 : 5
12.30pm Minchinhampton Bradford on Avon 12 : 7
12.45pm Physio’s Fatties Sutton Benger 7 : 35
1.15pm Sutton Benger Bradford on Avon 19 : 19
1.45pm Marlborough 2’s Minchinhampton 14 : 19
2pm Physio’s Fatties Bradford on Avon 7 : 42
2.15pm Sutton Benger Marlborough 2’s 28 : 14


Group C Table

Minchinhampton 4 4 0 0 97 35 62 12 24.25
Bradford on Avon 4 2 1 1 96 57 39 7 24
Sutton Benger 4 2 1 1 96 61 35 7 24
Marlborough 2’s 4 1 0 3 76 80 -4 3 19
Physio’s Fatties 4 0 0 4 19 151 -132 0 4.75


Semi Finals:

Main Competition:          Spitfires (Group B Winners) v. Horus (Best performing 2nd place team)

                                           Osiris (Group A Winners) v. Minchinhampton (Group C Winners)

Oh So Nearly:                    Swindon (equal 2nd in Group A) v. Marlborough 1’s (equal 2nd in group A)

                                           Bradford on Avon (equal 2nd in Group C) v. Sutton Benger (equal 2nd in Group C)


Semi Final Results:

Main Competition:          Horus defeated Spitfires 21:17 and Orsiris defeated Minchinhampton 14:12

Oh So Nearly:                    Marlborough 1’s defeated Swindon and Sutton Benger defeated Bradford on Avon


Final Results:

Oh So Nearly Cup Final:

Marlborough 1st defeated Sutton Benger


Main Competition Cup Final:

Horus defeated Osiris


Many thanks to the huge number of people who made the event possible and apologies if we have left anyone out.

Thanks to the referees ( James Irvine, Euan Black, David Ware, Ross Walker and Matt Wray) and to Damian Dix at Dorset and Wilts for organising the officials for us.

Thanks to those who helped set up on Friday (Cliff Garland, Peter McAllister, Andrew O’Dell, Tom Claxton, James Irvine, John Butler, Dave and Jo Peirce, Ben Collins, Ali Freeman, Matt Stone and others)

Thanks to the Bar Staff (Tom Claxton and Andrew O’Dell)

Thansks to the Bar B Q staff (Dave Peirce, Steve Murray, Andy Edwards and James Stuart)

Thanks to Jo and Ali for the tea, cake and coffee stand.

Thanks to Andy Grayson for the Token selling and for assisting with the raffle and 200 club draw.

Thanks to JB and Craig Smith for the power supplies.

Thanks again to JB for perparing 3 immaculately prepared pitches.

Thanks to Kevin Holdway for the floats and also purchasing all the consumables.

Thanks to Andrews Quality Meats of Highworth for the burgers and sausages and The Old Bakehouse in Malmnesbury for the baps and rolls.

Thanks to the sponsors of beer and wine.

Thanks to all those people who donated raffle prizes.

Thanks to Georgina and Craig from Star Medical for their on site physio support and to Hollie Bailey from Star Medical who organised the cover.

Thanks to the team who tidied up on Sunday morning:  Andrew O’Dell, JB, Cliff, Peter, Ali, Jo, Dave, Alison, Tom, Ben, Dave Church and family, Chris and others.

Thank you to all the teams who came along and who played with such enthusiasm throughout the day and to all the spectators who came along to support the teams and the tournament.

Huge thanks to Tom Claxton who made it all happen – brilliant job Tom!


We’ll be back in 2020 – look out for the date, to be announced soon.

Written by Graham Cooke

May 20th, 2019 at 10:31 am

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7’s: Final arrangments

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Many thanks to all those who came over to the clubhouse last night to listen to the plans for the 7s tournament (this weekend).  Lots of very positive suggestions, which we’ve been able to add in to the plans, and a very pleasant evening all round.

For those coming along to help set up on Friday, we shall begin at 10.30am and work on until it’s ready.  If you can join us for an hour or so, or even more, you’ll be more than welcome.

On Saturday we will begin gathering from 8am.  The event starts formally at 10.30am but willing (and unwilling) helpers would be more than welcome.  We hope to get as much tidied up as possible after the final.  The club house will open just before 5pm for those who want to watch the F A Cup Final and enjoy a drink or three!

On Sunday we’ll start the final clear up at around 10am.

Even if you’re not playing, come along, join the fun and help us to make this a success.


Written by Graham Cooke

May 15th, 2019 at 2:41 pm

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Minety 7’s 2019

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The Minety 7’s Tournament is this coming Saturday, starting at 10.30am with the first matches kicking off at 11am sharp.

This is one of our club’s major events and we are seeking the help of all players and supporters in the lead up to the date and the day after.

Can you help?

On Tuesday at 7.30pm we are holding a brief (1 hour) meeting in the club house at Minety to run through the planning of the event and to allocate various jobs on the eve of the event and on the day itself.  If you can come along and give us the benefit of your wisdom, please do so.

We will be setting up the event of Friday from dawn til dusk – many hands make light work! 

On Saturday we will be on site from 8am onwards – once again volunteers are requested to make sure everything goes to plan.

We will need a “clean up and pack away” party on Sunday morning.  

We are in need of more prizes for the raffle.  If you have anything that you could donate to the raffle we would be pleased to take it (within reason!).

This is one of our major fund raising events in the year and all of that fund raising goes towards making MInety a better club for players, supporters and friends.


Written by Graham Cooke

May 13th, 2019 at 11:07 am

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Dorset and Wilts RFU news

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Written by Graham Cooke

May 11th, 2019 at 11:12 am

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7s Tournament Meeting

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Minety 7’s tournament is on Saturday 18th May starting at 10.30am.

Tom Claxton has done a huge amount of work to get this year’s event sorted but there is always so much more to do.  Consequently, we are holding a planning meeting on Tuesday 14th May in the club house, starting at 7.30pm, to go through all of the arrangements to make sure that everything is covered.  Given that the 7’s Tournament is one of the biggest events organised at Minety, we are asking for as many players and supporters of the club to give up an hour or so to help us on Tuesday night.

If you can’t come along to help on Tuesday then any assistance on Friday 17th May (right up until the light runs out) and / or early on Saturday morning, would be welcomed.  If you can’t manage Tuesday or Saturday, there is always the clear up session on Sunday morning.

It would be really nice if everyone could sign up for at least one of these sessions around the tournament itself.  If you need any further information please let either Tom or me know.  Sorry to disappoint, but due to insurance and liability issues, there will be no Bouncy Castle!

Many thanks



Written by Graham Cooke

May 7th, 2019 at 8:03 pm

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Dates for your Diaries

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Some dates for diaries for those who were unable to attend the Committee Meeting on Wednesday evening.
Saturday 18th May: Minety 7’s.  Event starts at 10.30am with first match underway at 11 am.  Even if you’re not prlaying, please come along and support the club – there’s plenty to do on the day.
Friday 31st May.  Annual Club Dinner.  Please let Tom Claxton or Andrew Somers know whether you will be attending or not so we can be certain of numbers.
Wednesday 5th June.  Final Meeting for this year’s committee. It really is essential that we get as many committee members along as possible so we can prepare for a smooth transition of roles.
Tuesday 11th June.  Annual General Meeting.  Meeting begins at 7.30pm.
We are in urgent need of some raffle prizes for the 7s competition and the Dinner.  These are our major fund raisers and we need to maximise revenue from these events.  Please could you donate a prize – a voucheer, a bottle of wine / whisky etc. to help us out here.  I will be appealing to the players as well to donate prizes through Tom and Steve.
Committee Roles nominations update from the sheet in the club house on Sunday and updated with information gathered at the meeting: 
President: Andy Ward
Chairman: Dave Church
Vice Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Kev Holdway
Secretary: Peter McAllister
Club Captain: Vacant
Fixture Secretary: Rob Hinwood
Social Secretary: Morgan Aubrey
Groundsman: John Bulter
Press & Publicity Officer: Vacant
MPFA Rep: Vacant
2nd Team Captain: Steve Wilson
International Tickets: Andy Edwards
1st team Vice Captain: Vacant
2nd Team Vice Captain: Vacant
Coach: Andy Grayson
Fundraiser / sponsorship: Vacant
Webmaster: Graham Cooke
Data Officer: Martin  Coe
Referee Co-ordinator: Andy Brown
Coach Co-ordinator: Vacant
Assistant Treasurer: Simon Goddard.
Junior Section: Ed Wolton
As you can see, there are a number of positions where we have no nominations.  The club needs an effective committee to run properly for the good of all the players and members.  If you can step up to do a job please put your name forward – you know it makes sense!

Written by Graham Cooke

May 4th, 2019 at 10:20 am

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Jolly Boys Bus Tour

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The Jolly Boys’ Bus leaves Minety RFC at noon next Saturday, 27th April, on a tour of the local area, returning by no later than 11pm.

The cost of the bus is £20, part of which will go into the “kitty”.  

If you are still, undecided, please make the right call and give Ben Collins a ring or an email (Email: b.m.j.collins@gmail.com) by the end of the weekend – he needs to let the coach company know by Tuesday at the latest!


Written by Graham Cooke

April 20th, 2019 at 11:36 am

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The Jolly Boys Mystery Bus Tour

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With the tour not going ahead due to lack of numbers we would like to still try and get everyone together for an end of season bash!

A bus will be leaving Minety RFC at 12 noon on Saturday 27th April on a local tour of the area and returning no later than 10pm that night.


The cost to secure your seat for the bus is £20 and this will buy you into the kitty as well. 

Get on the bus gents! 

For more information contact Ben Collins, Tom Claxton or Steve Williams (see Contacts’ page for contact details.)

Written by Graham Cooke

April 15th, 2019 at 11:51 am

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Weekend Round up and Final Table

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Yesterday’s concession by Warminster meant that Minety 1st XV’s season ended with a bit of a whimper but the boys entertained themselves with a game of rugby tennis and then settled back to watch the epic Gloucester Bath match on the tv’s in the club house.  The 5 points gained by Minety pushed them up into 6th place but there was always a chance that Trowbridge could pip them with a big win at Calne.

In the end Calne pulled out all the stops and won a surprise victory against Trowbridge, pulling themselves up to 10th place above Pewsey Vale and ensuring that 6th place in the league was Minety’s.

Elsewhere Supermarine managed a try against Combe Down but the champions had the last laugh over the bottom club with a heavy 93-5 win.  Avonvale kept up their challenge and secured their 2nd place with a thumping of Pewsey, the visitors slipping back to 11th in the league as a consequence.

9th placed Chippenham beat 8th placed Sutton Benger while Melksham and Royal Wootton Bassett finished 41 all in a match that could have seen Bassett leap frog Warminster into 4th place.

So Combe Down are the champions and will, presumably, ply their trade in the league above next season.  Avonvale have proved themselves to be the second best team in the league having lost to Combe Down twice and only lost one other match all season.  Melksham have consistently been the top placed Wiltshire team in the division while Warminster pip Bassett, the latter rueing their double loss to local rivals Minety during the season.

Minety’s 6th place is better than some were predicting earlier on in the season.  Injuries and unavailabilities have taken their toll on the Minety side, fielding no less than 48 different players in the 1st XV over the course of the season.


Written by Graham Cooke

April 14th, 2019 at 12:07 pm

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